Kebab, the most delicious Iranian food
The National Festival of Golpayegan Kebab:
Kebab is one of the most authentic Iranian dishes in Golpayegan. You should know that the best kebabs in Iran belong to the Golpayegan. Iranian food festival for the people of this country has become a place to get acquainted with the variety of Iranian products such as Pomegranate Festival and Kebab Festival in Golpayegan which are held for specific purposes. The first period of this festival was held in June of 2018 in Golpayegan Forest Park. The festival aims to show everyone the best kind of kebab with an authentic Iranian national identity.
History and Types of Kebab in Iran:
You can smell the roasted Persian basil with the smell of grilled meat and Persian rice when you pass the back streets of the Iranian cities, or during the day and night strolls in the big and small cities of Iran. One of the most delicious types of Kebab in these restaurants is served with rice. Kubideh is always an exciting topic of conversation and like any other delicious food, it also can bring people together. While many of other Iranian cuisines are varied and use seasonal ingredients, kebabs and Rice are among the oldest Iranian foods with ingredients always available. It is said that the first Kebab to cook in Iran was for the Qajar king. Kebab was one of the favorite foods of Nasser al-Din Shah, the Qajar king who liked kebab most of all, which came from the Caucasus to Iran, but the Iranian type of kebab is different because it is cooked with veal, mutton. While in the Caucasus, bird meat was used. This dish eventually became one of Iran's most popular recipes and national food.
Summary of Kebab Recipe:
First, you should know that minced meat should be used to make barbecue, which is better if using lamb or a mixture of veal and lamb. If you use fat and meat, the Kebab will definitely become juicier. But if the amount of fat you put into the meat is too low, it will not mix evenly. Put some onion, black pepper and salt as well as paprika powder, and mix thoroughly so that the meat and ingredients come together. The onions should be grated. Finally, cover the material with cellophane, then place in the refrigerator until the mixture is firm. Then cover skewers with the mixture and place it on the fire until it is fully cooked.

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