60 high-ranking officials to attend to Tabriz in 2018

Tabriz, April 25, IRNA - Sixty foreign ambassadors, politicians and tourist officials to participate in Tabriz 2018, said the head of the Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in East Azerbaijan. Tourism ministers and ambassadors from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq, Armenia, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Switzerland, Norway, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria, Tajikistan and Belarus were invited to the event, Esmaeel Ragheb said Wednesday the news agency Islamic Republic (IRNA). Mayors of Istanbul, Kazan and Baku, who have signed a sisterhood agreement with Tabriz, will also attend the event. The official opening ceremony of the event will be held with the participation of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and a few Cabinet members. Tabriz, the third largest city in Iran, has a special place in the history and economy of the country. The city was chosen by the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in 2018 as the tourism capital of the Islamic world.

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