Stars valley

On the Qeshm Island there is a charming place called the Stars valley. The existence of this valley dates back about 2 million years ago, from soil erosion, sandstone and sand caused by wind, rain and storms. It is a rare masterpiece of nature on this beautiful island. The locals tell a lot of stories about this place. It is located in the northern side of the island, near the village of "Berke Khalaf". The locals believe that a great star has fallen at this point and from its contact with the earth, the soil has risen and dried up, generadno original forms. For this reason they call it the valley of stars.

It is believed that this valley is infested with spirits. At night, when the wind blows through the rocks, there is a sound like the howling of the wolves; some interpret it as the scream of supernatural creatures and because of them the valley is also called the valley of the devils!

Being in such an attractive and fascinating nature made me increasingly believe in the universal order and purpose that every little particle has in its existence. Simply the beauty of the valley of stars took my breath away.

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