The first handicrafts were created as a tool to make life easier and gradually became part of the history, culture and art. Handicrafts and artistic handmade products of Iran are the most original, most popular and most applied art in our land. Iran's handmade industry is one of the most important tourist attractions with a diversity of about 300 subfields dating back to several thousand years ago, Iran has the first rank among the countries of the world in this field of industry. Handicrafts have also been introduced as the most applied art as well as cultural productions that could best reflect the true Iranian culture in the world. These industries are usually produced in rural and nomadic areas and in the place of residence of artisans. Due to the dispersion of these industries in different parts of Iran, its attractions are spread throughout the country and indicates customs and culture of every tribe and region around Iran. It is noteworthy that more than seventy percent of Iranian handicraftsmen are women. Persian handicrafts are very diverse and also have a high quality.
Among the famous Iranian handmade products can be: Jajim weaving, rug weaving, silk and silk weaving, carpet weaving, ziloo weaving, local clothing, stamped and stamping, pottery, tiling, engraving, blacksmithing, carving, stone carving, embossing, mosaic , engraving on precious stones as turquoise, velvet weaving, glazing and enameling, design and illumination of books, traditional paintings. It can be said that "traditional jewelry", "glass", "ceramic" "pottery", "Persian carpet", "Iranian rug", "engraved wood" and "copper" are the most popular Iranian handmade industries being exported in the world.
The creativity and variety of Iranian handmade products have led the advanced countries to exhibit a strong desire to buy these industries. Iranian artists, using the mythological and historical symbols of our country and its reflection in their handmade products, have played a crucial role in attracting the demand for the purchase of these works. Since the range of handicrafts in Iran is very wide, we plan to introduce the most popular Iranian handicrafts in the coming month. So stay with us to be amazed.

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