Forests and jungles of Iran
Iran is a land of diversity and variety. From cultural, lingual, climatically to natural diversity! Yet along with all this, the contrast between the forest and the desert is very stunning. Interestingly, with only a few hours' drive you can go from the Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests to the central desert.
Walking through the Hyrcanian forest, Is just like exploring a land from the Jurassic age. There are signs of the life of the dinosaurs on the trunks of the trees, and the pristine landscapes of this forest are very rare and unique. The Hyrcanian forests are in fact the broader forests of the southern Caspian Sea, covering an area of about fifty-five thousand square kilometers. A large part of Hyrcanian forests is located in Iran and a small part of it is in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. As it was mentioned before the existence of Hyrcanian forests dates back to the Jurassic era, about 40 million years ago. Hyrcanian forest is one of the most valuable forests in the world, considered as a natural museums which was registered as a natural world heritage site on UNESCO list in 2019.
The heart of Hyrcanian forest, the Dohezar.
Dohezar jungle is located in Tonekabon city and in Mazandaran province. Trekking trails usually start from the Asal-Mahallah village. This is the last point you can go by car. After which, if you intend to climb you should prepare full a professional mountaineering equipment, it takes about two days to reach the peak of "the Sialan". But many also prefer a simple hiking around the village for several hours which may not be as adventures as mountaineering, however one will be amazed by the breathtaking landscapes of the mystical Dohezar jungle. After an about two hour walk in the heart of the "Dohezar", you will arrive to the "Daryasar plain". Where the forest is over and the green plain is in front of your eyes. Seeing this lush green area after a dense jungle is a pleasant opportunity to see various types of wild medlar and cherry plum trees.
Heavenly path into the Dalkhani Jungle
The Dalkhani zone is one of the most popular destinations for ecotourists; those who love walking into the heart of the forests and feel the wet leaves under their barefoot. Those who won’t mind the fatigue of climbing up to eight hundred meters above sea level just to see the sea's prospect from the upstream forest, where which to the spectators' eyes the sky and earth are tied together.
Ocean of clouds in the cloud forest (Jangal-e Abr)
With forty million years old trees, Sahroud cloud forest is one of the national natural heritage site of Iran. The 35,000-acre forest is known for its ocean of clouds, which covers not only the sky but also the earth. Sahroud cloud forest is located near the desert, which has added to its attraction alongside with the vast variety of animal and plant species.
The reason for the large volume of cloud in cloud forest is the low thickness of the Alborz mountain range, which flows the clouds behind the wall from the valleys to the south; locating between two pressure zones of the Gorgan plain (low pressure) and cloud forest area (high pressure), causes this phenomenon.
The national forest parks
There are many forest parks among the Hyrcanian forests. One of them is the Noor Forest Park. In Noor forest park, fascinating and enchanting scenery awaits you. The forest is covered with green leaves and blossoms during spring and summer and in the fall with yellow leaves, makes you feel like walking into an enchanted forest. This is where you have to get your camera and get exclusive photos. Forest parks, especially while autumn, are the main hangout for nature photographers.
Another significant national forest park in Iran is Talaar forest Park in Mazandaran.
Alongside The fantastic landscape of the Talaar Lake which is glorified by the tourists. Without exception, all tourists returning from the fifteen-acre Talaar Forest Park, praise the tranquility and silence of the Talaar. The silence which only breaks with the sound of wind blowing through the branches or the roaring of inhabited animal.
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