Iranian Art and History album in the Reza Abbasi Museum
A museum named after the famous painter of the Safavid era, "Reza Abbasi", with a rare trove of Iranian fine arts from the pre-Islamic to the contemporary era.
Shah Abbas Safavid had hired a painter from Kashan on his court under the name of Reza Kashani. Due to his Artistic skills and the interest that the king had in his art, Abbasi's title was given to Master Reza, and from then on, the name of Reza Kashani changed to Reza Abbasi.
However Shah Abbas was not the only person who was fascinated by his art, Farah the Pahlavi Queen was also admiring him enough to name an art museum after him. A museum which was supposed to narrate the history of Iranian Art from Centuries BC to the contemporary era.
The name of Reza Abbasi really suites this sophisticated collection. The Reza Abbasi Museum opening was in Sep 1978, the museum building was formerly a furniture store but due to its' placing and the structural appeal which the building had the authorities have bought the building. Since then this cultural center has been displaying unique Artworks from centuries BC to present era.
Art works made of stone, pottery, glaze wear, textile and miniature paintings related to the post- Islamic period, which shows the glory of Iranian civilization to visitors.
The Reza Abbasi museum consists of tree floor, at the first floor allocates to works of calligraphy and miniature, one of the most important masterpieces at the first floor is a page of an old book dated back to 8 century AH. The second floor consists of 2 grand halls in which the art works from post- Islamic era are exhibited, the third floor is to keep and show the pre Islamic artworks, a place to be immersed into a history of Achaemenid era.
Iranian museum in addition of exhibiting of historical artworks, are also trying to bear the mission of education and research, the Reza Abbasi Museum also holds workshops and periodical exhibitions. Beside, one of the most important responsibilities of the museum is Artwork restoration, the experts here are responsible of maintaining and restoration the artworks from all museums in Iran. Nonetheless, this just a peak of ice berg of what the Reza Abbasi museum does to preserve the Iranian culture, The existence of a library with more than ten thousands book cover in miscellaneous languages and over than 100 titles of foreign and domestic magazines has made Reza Abbasi Museum a great place for students and researchers. On the other hand the museum owns a publishing house as well, which has been issued various references in art and history of art in Iran.
If you desire to discover the history from an inclusive perspective, the Raza Abbasi museum is waiting for you. To visit this magnificent museum contact us

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