Ramsar, The city of everything
The Caspian Sea from one side and the Hyrcanian forests from the other side are embracing Ramsar, blessing the city with the pristine beauty of nature, Ramsar is the ultimate city where you can find almost everything, from beauty of nature, calmness, facilities, indigenous culture, excellent architectures, and long history, all of which are together make this city a perfect getaway for you to experience a remarkable trip.
Ramsar was formerly called "SakhtSar", which was changed by Reza Pahlavi due to his personal admiration for this city. Ramsar is the westernmost part of Mazandaran vicinal to Gilan province. So for this reason from the culture and tradition aspects Ramsar has benefited a fair share of the Gilani culture. The accent of this region I" Gilaki Ash ke vary" which is very different from accent of the other parts of Mazandaran province, also you can try Gilani Food such as Baghali ghatogh, Mirza ghassemi, Kebab torsh, next to mazanderani cuisine.
To take full advantage of beauties of Ramsar, travelers should either plan a compressed program or allocate at least 3 days of their tour to Ramsar. Take a walk along Ramsar Main Boulevard which from one hand goes to the Ramsar Hotel and on the other hand to the Ramsar seashore. The towering palm trees planted on the sides of the boulevard have made a great landscape to take memorable photos.
To see the Caspian outlook from above, take a ride on Ramsar Telecabin, near the city entrance, ride the Telecabin, get away from the metropolises hullabaloo, refuge to the calm dusky Hyrcanian forest to see Sights you would never see anywhere else. Now that you are here make time to Visit the Marmar palace the Pahlavi summer resort and the beautiful garden with trees surrounding the palace.
If you had time after all these excursions take a trip to countryside, from Ramsar to wherever you go, you will discover beautiful places. such as, The Javaherdeh village in southwest of Ramsar which to visit you should take a mountain road, spas and pools in Katalem and Sadat Shahr in the east of Ramsar , conic mountain covered with trees on the southern edge of Ramsar, the Markuh Castle on the way to Talasar. The Dalkhani forest on the way to Tonekabon, the Caspian seashore and the last but not the least the local bazars, in which you can buy local handicraft, fresh dairy products, pickles and vegetables directly from locals. To visit this magnificent city you can sign up in our green way .

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