Rasht, the world awarded creative city of gastronomy
The UNESCO Creative Cities Network has, in recent years, inscripted many cities around the world, in cultural, social and artistic fields, Unique Food culture along with various local cuisines have inscripted Rasht in the list of creative city of gastronomy since 2015 by UCCN along with San Antonio, Phuket and Bergen, has been nominated for creative city of gastronomy.
Let's find out why Rasht has been awaeded by UCCN :
In Rasht the aroma of rain has always been accompanied by the tasty and colorful cuisine from the corners. Locating among the Hyrcanian Forests near the Caspian Sea has made a unique ecosystem for this city; rainy streets, pitched roofs, Shops and stores offering local food to passersby, are perspective of this city. Many in the world, consider Rasht the capital of gastronomy in Iran, although Rasht is the capital of the province which has registered more than 170 National cuisine. The variety of dishes which are cooked with fish and local vegetables, tea plantations, and also the golden stuffed cookies have registered Rasht in the list of creative city of gastronomy since 2015.
While roaming the city of rain and forest one should not skip local dinners, with the onset of autumn and rain, the Fishing season on the Caspian Sea is Also begins. At this time, the Rasht market is flourishing with a variety of fresh fishes. At the same Market local ladies, clean and cook the fishes to offer along with Iranian rice to the tourists. In Addition to fish a variety of pickles and olive is also available. Just take a tour in this local markets to find freshly picked fruits and vegetables.
However the variety of cuisine in Rasht is not limited to seafood, diversity of cuisine in Rasht is so high, that different kebabs, stews, cooked rice with fresh pickle can be find, as far as you can try new meal every day while your stay in Rasht.
One of the unique touristic experiences in Rasht is sipping tea which is made in teapot on Samovar in kiosks drowned in tea Aroma, these kiosks can be found around the main squares in Rasht especially in "Sabzeh Meydan" park and "Municipality square".

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