Tourist attractions in Sistan and baluchestan
Sistan and baluchestan is the house of Baloch tribe. The tribe which best remembered with splendid women's' mirror embroidery designed dresses and men's white long clothing more than anything else. The legendary land of Sistan and baluchestan has been mentioned in the Avesta as the eleventh land that Ahora Mazda has created, Also this land is mentioned as the birth place of Rostam the great Iranian Hero in the Shahnameh . The Balochs leave in the east south of Iran, with a remarkable ethnic tradition and unique lifestyle.
History and legends.
The Behistun inscription and Persepolis are the oldest historical documents which Sistan and Baluchestan is mentioned in. in these inscription the Sistan has been stated as the 14th Achaemenid Province under the name of Maka. The Balochi language is spoken in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Baluchestan in Iran. Nonetheless The Balochi language is a branch of Persian that is categorized as Northeastern Persian language. Since the Sassanid, Baluchestan has always been a part of Iran. Until the nineteenth century, folwing to British Armey invasions this land has divided into eastern and western parts, since then Baluchestan has been governed under the Feudal rule, eventually in year 1307 the alliance has returned to this land and Baloch tribes has come united under one nation.
Folklore and cultures:
The Baloch culture is integrated with nature, such as the "wheat dance" which is a ritual ceremony performed by farmers during wheat harvesting. Sword Dance is also one the Baloch rituals to commemorate their martial power and fighting spirit. At this ceremony men wear martial clothing and dance around the battlefield with sward in hand.
Baloch clothing is different during different seasons, however men's clothing usually is a simple long shirt with turban which is a cloth tied around the head, but women's clothes are much more divers and impressive. They use the unique art of Mirror Embroidery and Parivar Embroidered to sew and design the Balochi dresses.
The Mirror Embroidery is mostly are used for designing the Chest, sleeves, pocket as well as trouser fringe. It is good to be mentioned that not long ago the Balochs were used to wear footwear made of palm leaf called 'Sowas". Jewelry that Baloch lady are wearing is completing their clothing, which you can find in Chabahar and Zahedan grand markets.
Local food and cuisines:
The Baloch Cuisines are varied and delicious. Using hot spices is the signature of Baloch Cuisines. Although as other parts of Iran Bread is the main food item in Baluchestan. The famous Baloch bread is called Halekary which is commonly used next to stews. The other popular Baloch Cuisine is the Tandori that mostly is cocked during celebrations. The Tandori cooking method is to put a whole batch of red meat into "Tenor" without cutting it into pieces.
The Baloch Handicrafts:
What Baloch is famed about in the world, is the handmade pottery of an area called Kalporagan. which is near the border city of Saravan. The reason of this worldwide fame is that locals are not using any Pottery Wheel to work with clay and all the pottery are made entirely by hands of the Baluch ladies. This traditional handicraft is dating back to thousands years ago to the Paleolithic period.

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