Damavand Story

From a route that is known to us now, we descend on the ridge to Camp 3

Day 5: Returning to Polour village

We leave Camp 3 to lower camps. We first abseil to Camp 2 and then to the 2450-meter-high junction, which has been our starting point. There is an unpaved road from Camp 2 to the junction, allowing us to drive down from here by proper 4WD vehicles to save time and energy. At the end of the route, there are cars waiting to take us to our accommodation in Polour. At the end of the day, we can hit mineral spas, rest and refresh and simply enjoy it all.

Itinerary Details

Descending time

Ascending time

Estimated time








Polour:           2219m







Doraahi (Split path):   2450m


Doraahi (Split path)


1- 1.5 h

2- 3 h


Camp2:       3050m


Camp2 (Goosfand-sara)

Doraahi (Split path)

2-2.5 h

4-5 h


Camp3:       4150m




3-4 h

6-8 h


Peak:          5671m




Facilities in this program generally are as below

Damavand Facilities







Cell. Net






Camp 1


• G

• G

• G

• G

Camp 2



• M

• M

• M

• M

Camp 3


• W

• W

• W








• W










G: Good

M: Medium

W: Weak




• All major costs are included in the tour price.

• Previous climbing experiences

Group size:
• Groups of 2 to 12 people

Climbing Plan:
• Begins from the Polour village (within the territory of Mazandaran province) and ends there

Flexibility the program:
• The tour program is not fixed; it can be changed depending on the weather conditions, participants’ conditions, fast ascent or descent, etc.

Important Information:
• Given the high risk of climbing tours, it is compulsory for all participants to follow instructions given by the guide while climbing or while preparing for the climb, in order to ensure safety. If you find it difficult to accept, it is better not to go to the mountain with us.

Safety and medication:
• Each group is equipped with a first aid kit and GPS navigation device. All groups are registered at the Mountaineering Federation Camp (Polour Village). It is possible to contact the emergency center along the route. Everyone should have their personal medication along (Band-Aid/plasters, bandage, painkillers, vitamins, etc.).

Depending on the weather conditions, the group situation, or the early completion of the tour, the tour schedule can be changed.

Specific requirements for participants:
• Should not have medical restrictions for doing mountain-related sports

• tents shared by two people
• Rooms shared by four people in Camp 3.

• All along the route, two meals are served along with a snack a day. Your guide will be both food supply manager and chef, but cooking is a joint activity based on individuals’ abilities. Individuals without cooking ability, should fetch water and wash the dishes (this brings the group members closer).
• At Polour and other villages and towns, the cost of additional lunch and dinner at cafes are not included in the price of the tour. In the villages of Polour, Rineh, Larijan, etc. there are many shops in the market and cafes with local and Iranian cuisines.
• On the days of climbing, packaged and small foods will be provided.
• In Damavand mountain shelters, climbers make their own food in the shelter kitchen or use portable stoves, individually.
• There are streams and water springs in the summer. Although you should melt snow in special conditions. However, there are ample bottled water supplied in shelters.

• A minibus or similar vehicle is used for a group of four or more; and a car is used in cases where the group is smaller. There are bus stations on the route. If the group gets together earlier, we will depart after the last participant is on board.

Telecommunications- Mobile operators:
• We recommend using Hamrah-e Aval and Irancell mobile operators.

• In Polour and Rineh villages, the temperature varies from +15 to +25 degrees Celsius in the summer, and from +8 to -2 degrees Celsius in the spring and fall. At Damavand highlands, the minimum temperature is -60 ° C in winter and -2 ° C in the summer.

Probable additional costs during the trip (for your information only):
• Food and Souvenirs: You can have lunch and buy souvenir in Tehran, Polour, Rineh and Larijan villages. The cost of lunch in a cafe, serving Iranian local cuisines, is about 300,000 to 800,000 Rials.
• If you do not have enough equipment or clothes, you can rent them.

The price (...................) – with discount (.................) includes:
• Accommodation in Tehran
• Transfer according to the schedule from Tehran to Polour village and from Polour toward Rineh village and the starting point of climbing (2450 m)
• Transfer loads from Camp 1 to Camp 2 by car, and Camp 2 to Camp 3 by horses and mules;
• Overnight at Camp 3 (camping tent or building, 4-bed rooms)
• Meals during the climbing program (hot breakfast and dinner; lunch)
• A professional, experienced guide(s)
• A chef
• Renting tents and general equipment
• Providing security (register at the Mountaineering Federation Camp, First Aid, GPS, Insurance)
• Renting special equipment (crampons, ice axes, carabiners, helmets, systems, etc.)
• Entrance tickets and permits to climb Damavand peak
• Tours in Polour and Rineh villages and using natural mineral spas;
• Ascent certificate

The price does not include:
• Unscheduled trips
• Renting personal equipment (backpacks, sleeping bags, mats, etc.)
• Helicopter Transfer
• Additional meals during the trip
• Personal expenses
• Safe deposit box
• Leaving and transferring separately from the group
• Other costs not specified in the program

• For a group of 2 or more
• Full prepayment 3 months in advance
• Regular members (Loyal customers)

Payment Terms and conditions:
• A prepayment of 20% of the total amount without a discount is made by transferring money to the bank card and the remainder is paid in cash on arrival at the beginning of the program.
• In case a customer withdraws from the program, regardless of the reasons for withdrawal, the 20% prepayment of the amount is not refundable. If you take part in another tour (another route) this year, you will not lose your prepayment. Additionally, you will not lose the money you have already paid on insurance, transfer, accommodation, and so on.
• With the prepayment, you actually agree with the above terms and conditions.

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