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The miraculous power of Herbal Waters
Herbal Waters or Herbal Distillates are pure extract of medicinal herbs used in traditional Iranian medicine to treat different diseases. Traditional Iranian medicine (TIM) is based on quadruple temperaments, including sanguinary, cholic, melancholia, and phlegm, and from ancient times Iranians attached importance to foods that had a warm or cold effect on the body temperament. Foods that are hot and cold bring heat to our bodies or cool it down after digestion and the human temperament is also altered. Herbal waters are substances that help to regulate and balance the human temperament.
The way to make Herbal Water
Although the process of making herbal drinks is followed today in an industrial way, still traditional herbal shops can be found in cities such as Kashan . To distill in the traditional way that has been and continues to be the case today, they first pour a certain amount of the plant along with water into a copper pot and put the cover on it.
There are holes on the cover of the boiler that connect the boiler to the copper pitcher by means of two aluminum tubes. The vapor generated by the distillation of the mixture into the boiler is then passed through the tubes into the pitcher inside the copper boiler and converted into liquid. This process takes about 4-8 hours. Interestingly, this is the way the rose water is prepared, and typically one and a half kilograms of rose is obtained in about one and a half liters of rose water. Needless to say, Avicenna was the Designer and inventor of this distillation method.
Types of herbal Waters and its usages
Mint water is one of the most popular and widely used herbal distillate among Iranians. The nature of mint extract is warm. Therefore, it relieves the discomfort of colds. Peppermint extract is mostly used to strengthen digestive tract as well as to relieve stomachache/ gastritis/ indigestion. According to the principles of Iranian traditional medicine, you should drink one cup after each meal to make it more effective.
Other herbal distillates that are popular in Iran are orange blossoms distillate. orange blossom is as warm as peppermint. According to Iranian tradition, human blood boils and swells with the onset of spring, and this herbal distillate can help keep the body balanced. Orange blossoms can be seen in Shiraz in spring. A city of poetry and poetry that smells of orange blossom from orchards like Narenjestan Ghavam.
But, as mentioned, distillates have different natures. One of the cold-pressed distillates is willow extract, which helps to strengthen the stomach, soothe and also treat jaundice and headaches. In addition to all this, its external use also treats dandruff.
Iranians also use herbal extracts to make summer drinks and add sugar, a scrumptious drink to spend the hot summer days. Also, herbal extracts such as rose water are used in making sweets such as Halva.

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