The only Iranian island in the Caspian Sea
Ashuradeh is an earthly paradise and the destination of many tours that attracts ecotourists. This Iranian island , located in the center of Miankaleh peninsula and in Golestan province, is the only Iranian island in the Caspian Sea.
Natural attractions
Ashuradeh is important in several ways among Iran's natural attractions. One of them is the UNESCO List of Biosphere Reserves. Biosphere reserves are areas that are internationally protected due to their environmental importance. Because they feed on other ecosystems in addition to their regions. Ashuradeh was introduced and registered as one of the first biosphere regions in the world in 1354.
Another reason for the island's natural importance is its registration in Ramsar World Convention among the world's important wetlands. Ashuradeh, on the other hand, is a wildlife refuge that hosts a variety of birds throughout the year. But what makes Ashuradeh more appealing to incoming tourists is that 2% of Iran's caviar is obtained near the island.
Ashuradeh through history
But the attractions of Ashuradeh are not limited to its beautiful nature. The island has a long history. At times the island was the center of trade and different commercial and economic activities. But it was occupied by the Russian army in 1836. Thus, the northern island of Iran became a competition arena between Tsar of Russia and England. But Mirza Taqi Khan Amir Kabir, the chancellor of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar, was forced to withdraw the island from the colonialists. Eventually, after the debacle of Tsars in Russia, the region was returned to Iran on the basis of a convention signed by two parties in 1921.
However, presence of foreigners on the island continued until the end of the World War II. The legacy of Russian army on the island still remains. Russian remains include several hospitals, churches, residential complexes and a castle.
Ashuradeh, a jewel on the Miankaleh ring
Ashuradeh Island is located in Miankaleh, Bandar Torkaman, and about 4 km from Bandar Torkaman and about 2 km from Gorgan Miankaleh Wildlife Sanctuary and Wetland, with an area of over 100.000 hectares, is one of the most valuable habitats for aquatic and xerophilous migratory birds that was protected by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in 1348 as a protected area. Ashuradeh has coastal dunes and pomegranate shrubs and herbaceous plants. The wetland receives its freshwater from small rivers and springs originating in northern Alborz. This Island is the last survivor of the semi-arid regions of the Caspian Sea and is home to migratory and aquatic birds that fly to that place every year in winter.
These birds, which are more than 40 breeds including, wild fish duck, goose, swan, duck, flamingo, pike, duck, stork, Dalmatian pelican, Smew, Western swamphen, Coot and Sea eagle which many of them are endangered and scarce birds in the world and endangered in the list of worldwide trade of birds.
Indigenous birds such as Pheasant, Little Bustard and Francolinus are also inhabit the Ashoradeh wetland. Miankaleh was once the habitat of Hyrcanian tigers that is now extinct. It is said that when Zel al-Sultan ,the son of Nasser al-Din, was the ruler of Mazandaran and Torkaman Sahra, tried to eradicate the Hyrcanian tiger and killed 35 of them by himself.
Ashuradeh Island in the Miankaleh area is today a destination for many tourists who travel to the southern Caspian Sea in the form of eco-tours to enjoy the wonders of nature.

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