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Kish Island, the pearl of the Persian Gulf
Kish is known as the pearl of the Persian Gulf. A coral island among other Iranian Island in the heart of the Gulf of Iran, which hosts many Tourists who travel to the island for vacation, relaxing or to enjoy exciting entertainment or even shopping. There are many entertainments in Kish Island. Just get to Kish by plane or by ferries from Bandar Abbas to the island to enjoy its serenity and facilities. To enjoy Water sports on the beach, whether you are experiencing it for the first time or pursuing these activities professionally, Kish Island is the best destination for you. One of the facilities for water sports lover is parasailing. Apart from the mentioned sports other sports such as surfing and Jet Ski are also common in Kish. But not all seaside recreations in Kish are quick and thrilling. You can also experience the underwater world of the Persian Gulf on glass-bottom boats.
Recreation activities in Kish Island
Kish Island has one of the longest bike lines in Iran which includes a route of 75 kilometers all around the Island. It is best to rent a scooter, single or double sited bikes and cycle around the island. Stations set along the bike line allow you to stop and watch the Kish sights.
Free Zone shopping centers in Kish
Shopping in free zones is one of the favorite things for tourists because of the variety of goods and suitable prices. Among the modern and appealing shopping malls in Kish Island are the Sarnia l and ll Shopping Centers, Damun Shopping Centre, and Coral Market.
Tourist attractions of the Kish Island
One of the attractions in Kish Island which has become a part of the island symbols is the Greek ship. This ship that sailed from Greece to Kish, seems to be left abandoned there forever. The ancient city of Harire, which is one of the Tourist attractions in the Persian Gulf from almost 800 years ago is located in Kish Island. Its area is about 120 hectares and was very prosperous during the years 367 to 912 AH.
In addition to the ancient city of Harire, the kariz of Kish is one of the archaeological sites of the island. Though most of aqueducts are high, this aqueduct in Kish has about forty-five meters of height.
Simorgh Seaside Park
But the attractions of Kish are not limited to the monuments. The variety of parks and gardens adds to the beauty of the island. The Simorgh Seaside Park is located in the south-east of the Island. "Derakht-e-Sabz" (the Green Tree), also known as "Loor" or "Anjir-e-Maabed" (the fig tree of the temples) with probably 600 years old is located in the Portuguese Valley area in the northern part of the Island.
Recreational grand pier of Kish
The journey to Kish is completed only by walking on its Recreational grand pier. Kish Pier has 437 meters long and made of wood. In the area surrounding the bowling gym, there is also a four-dimensional cinema, a seaside club, several cafes, restaurants, and other recreational centers. There is also a place where you can see the sunset from the top of the pier and enjoy the endless beauties of Kish Island.

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