WOMEX, Kayhan Kalhor, Kalhor Kayhan, Kalhor Kamancheh

Kayhan Kalhor - Iranian Musician

WOMEX is the biggest international music festival in the world and the greatest gathering of the global musicians, featuring a trade fair, conferences, show and concerts. Each year in October over 2500 professionals, including 300 performing artists from more than 90 countries come together every, making WOMEX not only the biggest networking platform for the world music industry, but also the most diverse music meeting worldwide At this festival the best of music industry is selected and introduced to the world, The WOMEX 2019 award , went to prominent Iranian musician Kayhan Kalhor, for his mastery and virtuosity of playing Kamancheh, and the spotless innovation to create new musical languages, also for bringing the Persian tradition music to the ears of people around the world.

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