Traveling to Iran to Experience a Dreamlike Adventure
A Travel for Adventure
One can say that traveling, touring, and adventure are among the most pleasurable activities of human life. If you ask a professional tourist about what part of his travel he likes most, he would undoubtedly respond that no matter where my destination is or where I reside, adventure in travel is what excites me. The adventures are not limited to age. As the popular quote goes: "it is never too late to mend". You can go on an adventure in any age, and enjoy it.
Iran has always been the center of many tourists’ attention because of it's 4 seasons climate, unique sights, pristine nature, original culture and civilization, rich history, ancient monuments, and, etc. Nowadays, Iranian Eco-tours make it possible for the tourists to enjoy a delightful, engaging atmosphere during one, two or several-day tours. Iranian tour operators investigate all the spectacular sights of Iran, and emphasizes on ecotourism and seeing the unique regions and sights in Iran. Iran Tourism industry intends to introduce these spectacular sights of Iran to the tourists, as well as introducing the pristine nature of Iran alongside with many world heritage sites. They also intend to take the tourists away from the modernized atmosphere, and provide them a peaceful and enjoyable travel. So today, we want to pack our backpacks, and start our travel around Iran.
Adventure with Boating
One of the exciting sports that is related to water, is boating. Boating in Gowhar lake, the blue gem of Oshtoran Kooh and Mianche (Churt) lake of Mazandaran will provide you with one of the most peaceful boating experiences of your life. But if you are looking for something more adventurous, we shall go for Rafting in a clamorous river. By rafting in Haraz, Sefidrood, Sezar, Arvandrood, Kor, Sirvan, and other rivers, you can move with the waves; enjoy their tempest, and experience the most memorable boating.
Mountaineering and Climbing
Put your warm clothes and comfortable shoes on and get ready, because now it's time for adventuring in the mountains. We recommend mountaineering in the hillside of the beautiful white demon, Damavand mountain to those interested in mountaineering. Trekking in the hillside of the Bride of Mountains, Sahand Mountain in Tabriz, to experience fun and enjoying aesthetics of fritillaries and the smell of wild basils. see our mountaineering tours
If you pass Darband and Shirpala, you will see a most great place for adventurers. After a bit of hiking, we will reach the exciting part. Where you can experience paintball, sledding, cable car, and ski resort all in one place the Touchal. an engaging adventure in Touchal Recreational Center.
If you like dark and closed spaces, this is your lucky day, because we intend to reach the core of the Earth from the top of the mountain. This is going to be a real adventure, to the cave. Chama, Rood Afshan, Ayyub, Al-Sadr , Ghouri Ghlae, Kataleh Khor, etc. are among the most spectacular caves of Iran. If you like to see the bats, you should visit the Bat cave (Ghar-e Khofash). see our Caving Tours
Bungee Jumping and Free Fall, a Frightening Adventure
If you are looking for the real excitement, adrenaline, and a real adventure, bungee jumping and freefall are just the right options for you. The bungee jumping center in Baam-e Tehran, Velayat park of Tehran, Tappe Kaj jumping in Shiraz, Ganjname jumping center of Hamadan and jumping center of Kish always welcome those who are passionate for excitement. Just remember to read the rules regarding the physical conditions for this exciting sport, so that you will not be disappointed. An exciting adventure, bungee jumping in the touristic-recreational center of Chalidareh, Mashhad
Water recreational Resorts
In the summer and its hot weather, what is better than diving in pool and swimming? O Park water recreational Resort and Pars Aqua Village in Tehran, the Blue Waves water park in Mashhad and Ocean water park in Kish are among the most modern and exciting water parks of Iran and always attract many tourists. Delightful adventure, O Park water park, Tehran
Zip Lining
Flying, and seeing the Earth from the above –like birds- have always been a dream for humans. We now want to get on the zip line, and make your dreams come true. The zip line center of Fereidoon Shahr, Douplan valley in Chahar Mahal va Bakhtiari, Meshkin Shahr, Sofeh Mountain of Isfahan, etc. will provide you with a different experience of flying. Adventure in the sky, zip line of Safeh Mountain, Isfahan
The desert, the ever-mysterious land. Let us get away from the world full of technology and come to the desert to watch the starry sky. The Karakal, Mogholestan, and Mesr deserts would be good choices. It must be noted that the tourists can also ride on the camels, probably for the first time here. to experience life in desert see our Oasis in the desert tour

Adventure in the Forest
We continue our travel to the jungle, to a dreamlike adventure. Don't mistake this sight with one out of the "Anne Shirley of Green Gables" series. This is the Dalkhani foreste, a passage of heaven located in Hyrcanian Forests in north of Iran . Gisoom, Arasbaran, Hara, and Sisangan jungles are among the beautiful Iranian jungles that must be paid a visit.
We do not finish our travel here, because travels in Iran cannot be finished. We just cut our travel short around here. Traveling to Iran is one of the best options that can be recommended to the travel-lovers.

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