A Commentary on Iranian Nightlife
Iranian nights are much more different in big cities compering to small cities. Contrary to the people of small towns who fall into a deep sleep at the early hours of night, the big cities citizens begin their nightlife. In fact, nightlife have become a part of the lives of people living in big cities. The nightlife is gaining more fans among the Iranian and they have good reasons to choose this lifestyle. Some people get back from work at nights, some prefer to do their shopping and have fun in the cool night weather. Some come out for a walk, and some go for gatherings. The recreational and food centers give service to people at nights. But sometimes, the Iranian nights are associated with some places that are especially pleasant during the night. If you are looking for the ever-awake cities, you can choose one of the followings:
Put your watches away in Tehran, because fun, and even work does not stop throughout the day and night. In fact, the Iranian nights are defining in Tehran. Restaurants and cafés are serving, the people who are having fun away from the traffic jam and air pollution of day until the midnight. The Si-e-Tir street, which is full of, mobile cafés, street musicians, and food booths with delicious cuisines. You can also find night cafés in Ab-o-Atash park. But if you are looking for some peace and quiet, Baam-e-Tehran would be a great choice. If you haven’t brought your food with you, don’t worry. This place is full of food courts, cafés, and buffets. Visiting the shrine of Imamzade Saleh is the relief to the broken hearts, and you can make a memorable Iranian night there. Darakeh and Darband are also among the old and well-known night resorts. If you have no financial worries, you can also visit Milad tower.
If you leave your hotel room at night, you will see how exquisite are the Iranian nights in proximity with the Iranian architecture. The Khaju bridge, the singing tourists, the city's old photographers, the tiling, is like walking in history, visiting the Aliqapu palace, Gheysarieh bazar, Sheikh Lotfolah mosque, Imam mosque, having a bowl of steaming, hot pottage at the Jahan square . You can also go to the Sofeh Mountain, to see Isfahan from above, and stroll around its cafés and restaurants. If you like to go on a walk, the Chahar-Bagh street seems like a good option.
While traveling to Iran, never forget to visit Shiraz. Shiraz is the city of mysticism, poetry, and love. should I skip visiting Hafezieh at night the answer is No, you should not. Also dont miss Iranian food. The Shatter Abbas, Sufi, Haft Khan and Sharzeh are among the restaurants in which you can spend your Iranian nights eating Traditional food such as Kalam Polo (rice with cabbage), Havij Polo (rice with carrot) and Shirin Polo (sweet rice). The nigh Bazar of Shiraz will effloresce after the midnight. If you leave Shiraz in the morning and you have not bought a souvenir yet, it is possible that you can find a cheap one at this Bazar.
It is not convenient to travel to Iran without visiting Mashhad , and the Iranian nights bear no sense without visiting the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza. The doors of the Shrine are open to the pilgrims throughout the night and day. Business in Mashhad is not limited to the day or night. At any moment, you can go for shopping in any mall in Mashhad, or give your stomach some delight in the cafés and restaurants.
If you intend to travel to Tabriz, don’t worry about the closing hour of the museums and cultural centers. El-Golu park of Tabriz is one of the most popular resorts in Tabriz. You can take a tour around its vast pool, and quench your thirst and hunger in the small cafés placed around it. The memory of Iranian nights in the cold breeze of the El-Goli garden, and the taste of oiled broad beans (pakhle) will never be erased from your memory. At the Valiasr musical park, the dance of the water drops and the pleasant rhythm of the music will remind you of the Dubai Fountain. Luna Park of El-Goli, Baghlar Baghi and Shahriar Sidewalk are some of the other good choices for night tours in Tabriz.
Iranian nights in the most oceanic city of Iran; along with the music performances; and the ever-open hotels, restaurants and cafés that are always ready to provide services. Kish is the city of night life and tourism.
Iranian nights in the earthly galaxy, the Qeshm city . If you stroll a bit on his island of Persian Gulf , you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the beach and the shopping centers. The next thing you know, is that night has already fallen. Do you intend to go back to your hotel? No, hold on; the life has just started in Qeshm. walking along the beach and trying the traditional cuisines in street cafés are the most popular night tours in Qeshm.
It is true that the nickname of this city is "the city of night owls", but it has the sweetest of Iranian nights. The warm and sociable people of this city are always ready to celebrate and rejoice. Walking around Karoon shore is the most attractive choice for going on tours and night excursions in Ahvaz. Not only the sightseeing makes you feel great, but also the Felafels of Ahvaz are the real ones. The Lashkar Abad neighborhood of Ahvaz is where you can get really spicy Felafel.
The nightlife is flowing in Iran. The big cities have been successful in attracting the tourists to their nightly recreational activities. With the improvement of facilities in the small towns, the citizens and the tourists can also enjoy the night tours. We hope that during your travel to Iran, you spend the nights of these cities beside their good-hearted citizens.

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