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Why Iranian saffron is one of the best in the world?
The Iranian Saffron production pole is located in Mashhad , Khorasan razavi Province. Saffron needs a subtropical climate, with mild winters and hot dry summers to grow. Different cities of Khorasan, like Birjand and Ghaen have suitable climate for the growth of saffron. Therefore, Khorasan Province is known as the saffron capital of Iran. Rather than that, when people visit the holy shrine of Imam Reza, the first souvenir they recall to offer to their beloved ones is the Mashhad’s fine saffron. Other souvenirs made by saffron include: saffron sweets, tasty saffron sugar candy, saffron nuts, and more.
Introducing Iranian Saffron
If you come to Iran as a tourist for an excursion and would like to enjoy the best Iranian food and drink to get acquainted with Iranian food culture and customs, we recommend you to try Iranian foods and delicacies beverages made with this unique flower. That is because you will never find a dessert with this special flavor and aroma anywhere else in the world. After you've made your way to Iran and enjoyed all kinds of desserts and foods, you can buy some Khorasan fine saffron and bring it with you to your home country and city as a great souvenir.
Drinks and Desserts Made with Iranian Saffron
There are many desserts made with saffron. Not to mention, Iranian ladies are very elegant when it is come to use the saffron in their foods and drinks due to its exceptional color and exquisite scent. Another reason for Iranians using saffron in their variety of foods and desserts is the saffron exhilarating nature; after having a tense day, we take the saffron tea brew with sugar candy in order to soothe our nerves. Saffron is only allergic in certain cases (for example, pregnant women) which of course depends on your temperament. One of the famous saffron desserts and snacks is Panakota dessert, made with milk, sugar, cream, rose water, gelatin and Iranian brewed saffron. Saffron comes first in this recipe without which the dessert has no pleasant flavor.
Introducing Popular Saffron Brands in Iran
Almas Company is one of the famous saffron brands in Iran which has exported saffron to USA and EU countries besides domestic production. In addition to Alams company, there are other famous saffron companies in Iran which produce the finest Iranian saffron. Some of the well-known brands includes: "Sargol" and "Negin" Ghaenat.
Medicinal Properties of Iranian Saffron
Besides its use in food and drinks, saffron has many medicinal properties as other herbal waters ; For example, saffron tea contains large amounts of vitamin C, which is very effective in strengthening the immune system and increasing the number of white blood cells, which in turn reinforce the body's defense system against many diseases. The "potassium" in saffron lowers the blood pressure in the arteries and vessels while preventing heart disease and heart stroke.

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