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Bakhtiari Traditional costumes

clothing customs in Iran and its impact on attracting tourists
Costumes in Iran are different, based on their origin and geographical location clothing customs in |Iran are combination of traditional and modern clothes. Nowadays, Traditional Iranian clothing, along with modern western and trendy clothing, are considered as the official dress of the Iranian people. The traditional Clothing of the Iranian tribes is one of the ways of attracting tourists. Tourists come to Iran, in order to look at the traditional costumes of different ethnicity in Iran as a fascinating phenomenon. But how do tourists who enter Iran actually think about the dressing customs of the Iranian people? In this article, we intend to introduce you more Iranian clothes and give you more information in this area. The Iranians are not the same in terms of race and ethnicity, and the diversity of Iranian cultures and traditions has led to the formation of local costumes in each region. in general, modern clothes that are designed and sale in Iranian clothing centers, have some differences in each region. But generally it can be said that the Iranian clothing today is closer to Western clothing that are common in European and American countries, especially for men. In the following, we will make you more familiar with the Iranian costumes. Travel to Iran can excite people in the world. There are tours in Iran that are specially designed for introducing the differences of Iranian culture and costumes in the cities or villages to tourists.
Understanding the types of Iranian traditional costumes
The Iranian traditional costumes are based on the habitat and ethnicity. For example, lurs and Bakhtiari people are using clothing that indicates their nation and race. this beautiful dress is designed for bakhtiari men and women, which show the nobility and the chastity of bakhtiari men and women. As well as the Azeri people, with the beautiful clothes they wear, show that they belong to the northwestern Iranian region. Kurdish, Baluchestan , zabol, Guilan and Khorasan also can be mentioned of other traditional Iranian costumes that are common today. Qazvin and Hamedan have also very beautiful local clothing. the design intended for Iranian traditional costumes, is according to the Iranian religious beliefs , covering some of body parts such as ladies’ hair, legs, arms and so on. . But how is the dress of the Iranian people in the modern world and how can the Iranian people's clothing be approached in the traditional style so that the modes of dressing of today are also respected?
Iranian modern clothing a Combination Traditional and modern style.
Iranian modern clothing a Combination Traditional and modern style., Iranian clothing has become very popular today in the markets of Iran and the world. The reason for this can be their colorful designs and ineffable beauty. Many Iranian clothing that are marketed today have a combination of tradition and modernization in their design which made them very attractive. Iranian brands are working on the integration of traditional Iranian clothing and modernize and some of the global brands are operating in this regard, for example, Gucci women's clothing, designed in 2016 based on traditional designs of Persian carpet weaved in Tabriz, illustrates the importance and beauty of Iranian clothing.
Hijab and its impact on Iranian clothing
It may have been the question for you that Hijab may be a challenge to traditional Iranian clothing. The Iranians, even before Islam, were bound to hijab. Iranian people covered with hijab and this is quite visible since the Achaemenid dynasty, which has remained in place since then. It can be said that Hijab has been a fundamental pillar of Iranian traditional clothing, and it cannot be said that it is a challenge. the manifestation of clothing and The choice of clothing among Iranian women is so significant that some of the intelligentsia and journalists have identified Iran as the main source of promoting the hijab in the world.
Final Word of Iranian clothing
The Iranian clothing is one of the reasons to attract tourists. In this article we have made you more familiar with the types of Iranian clothing. It is very easy to get Iran visa, and all the people from different countries can travel to this country and get acquainted with all the Iranian culture and customs.

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