Introducing the Most Beautiful Roads in Iran
Today, many tourists are looking for the best and most beautiful roads in Iran in order to capture the most amazing image of these roads. You should know that Iran’s attractions in the world are unique and this has led many foreign tourists to travel to Iran for visiting these sights. One of the most prominent and spectacular natural attractions of the country are beautiful roads that have changed the meaning of travel. If going from one point to another means travel in usual culture, Iran’s beautiful roads have become tourist attractions and have made the trip a journey to rediscover the natural beauty of Iran’s four seasons. The most important and most beautiful roads in Iran are: Chalous Road, Asalem - Khalkhal Road, Heyran Gorge, Chabahar - Baris beach Road, Abbas Abad - Kelardasht Road, Aras- Jolfa border Road, Shahroud - Gorgan Road, Saravan - Fouman Road, Shahdad - Nehbandan Road, Hajij - Oraman Road.
Chalus road
Undoubtedly, one of the most attractive roads in Iran and also the longest beautiful road in our country. is the Chalus road whit 113 kilometers.
Highly magnificent cliffs, Skyrocketing Mountains, numerous tunnels, cable cars and an unparalleled climate are some of the highlights of this road, many of which are crowded with tourists on the weekends. Passengers can enter the road after crossing Karaj and enjoy this maze-like road.
Asalem to Khalkhal road
The road between Asalem and Khalkhal is one of the most remarkable and beautiful roads in Iran which has 70 kilometers length and is one of the best Iranian forest roads. This road has a special beauty in every season and the rivers flowing around this road have caused to see a spectacular view of the road. Nowadays, many tourists who want to go from Tehran to Ardebil can easily put this road in their priorities and enjoy the beauty of this road. Asalem to Khalkhal road, with all its beauty, has managed to make it to the list of the best and most beautiful roads in Iran and tourists can also capture the most spectacular images of this road.
Heyran gorge:
One of the most gorgeous roads in Iran. Heyran gorge is also among the most beautiful roads in Iran and with a length of 35 kilometers is the access road from Ardebil to Gilan province and continues to the city of Astara. The touristic village of Heyran and its cable car are also one of the great tourist attractions on the road. And, of course, tourists can enjoy hundreds of forest resorts with modern yet traditional facilities. The unparalleled climate and lush hills of this road possess amazing scenery that will fascinate every tourist and bring the most memorable moments to tourists and travelers.
Chabahar- Baris beach road
One of the most beautiful roads in Iran is the coastal road of Chabahar- Baris in Sistan and Baluchestan province. Which is located in the south of our country along the Oman Sea. Tourists along the road bring themselves the pleasure of a very memorable drive. The beautiful cliffs of this road along with its beautiful and enjoyable beach caused tourists and travelers to put visiting this road in their priorities as soon as they travel to south of the country. The most stunning attractions of these road are Lipar lagoon, Mangrove forest and Miniature Mountains. These elegant attractions have given us the name of Chabahar coast road in the list of the most beautiful roads in Iran.
Now, you know that although the destination determines our purpose of travel, yet the amazing roads of Iran make time the journey shorter and the journey itself would be more pleasant.

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