Coronavirus and its effects on Nature
If we look back at life before Coronavirus 1 for a few moments, we can see how much life has changed in a few weeks. Educational Institutions, Business Centers and Recreation Centers are closed Silent . Cars are rarely seen on the streets Tourist centers - beaches - forests and parks are free of the hustle and bustle of tourists and people who are at home Spending time with their families. Now we appreciate the simple and basic things in life, the value of companionship or having a cup of coffee in cafes2.
Our late night walks3 or Nowruz4 gatherings and talking to the elders. Appreciating sightseeing in nature5 and the pleasure of shopping from shopping malls and much more. Things that had become normal and everyday rutin for us. But our goal here is to focus on something else. Since humans left the natural habitat for fear of the coronavirus, the world may have.This year, our place have been changed with the wild animals. We stayed in cages to be spectators of free birds, but the coronavirus may have taken revenge on humans for nature, which has existed for billions of years.
Nature that has destroyed many creatures and created other creatures from its heart . The nature that always has maintained balanced, evolving both with us and without us. These days that we stay at home less garbage we have left in the woods and the shores. These days, when factories are closed and less industrial waste is imposed on nature, these days when the sky is blue as it must have been. Now there is an opportunity for dolphins to return to the coast of Italy, where their birthplace was once, or beautiful otters playing on the grass in Singapore's parks. Now the geese and seagulls are soaring in the sky without fear of planes.
We have invaded the realm of other living things, we have destroyed nature, we have killed animals, we have consumed too much of the earth's resources, we do not own the earth, we share this world with many living things, life does not mean that the strongest survive. Let's have a healthy coexistence together.

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