The Four Seasons Iran
Iran is located in the southwest Asia. It has an area of 1,648,195 kilometers, and it is among the middle-eastern countries. Almost 90% of its area is located inside the Iranian Plateau. Generally, it has alpine and semi-arid weather. The average elevation of the country is 12000 kilometers. More than half of the country's area consists of mountains. One fourth of Iran's area consists of plains. Less than one fourth of the country's area consists of agricultural fields. The lowest point inside the country has a depth of 65 meters, and it is called Lut's Pit
The highest point of the country is Mount Damavand' peak, which has a height of 5628 meters. It is located among the Alborz ranges. In the southern beaches of the Caspian sea, the elevation equals to 28 meters (source: the website of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
We do not intend to explain the geographical aspects of Iran. In this article, we intend to have a short tour in the nature of Iran. This short tour will take at least 10-15 days. Thus, pack your backpacks for a four-seasons trip, because right when you are walking under the cherry trees and take selfies with its blossoms, you are just a few hours away from Dizin ski resort, where you can ski wearing scarf and beanie and make a snowman. You may also want to travel several kilometers in another direction, which takes you to the beaches of Kish or Qeshm, where you can enjoy a sunbath.
We would like to start the travel from Tehran, and after peacefully skiing in Dizin or Tochal ski resorts, we will travel towards the Hirkani forests. These forests have been registered as the natural heritage of Iran very recently. The Hirkani forests have been added to the list of the registered Iranian heritages in 2019. We are talking about forests that have survived from a long time ago. No, we do not mean it like 500 or 1000 years. These forests are almost 50 million years old. These forests are mixed and broad-leafed, and they are home to a wide range of mammals and birds species. These woods have an open embrace for those who love the nature, and provide them with the opportunity to go on bird-discovery and bird-seeing tours.
We now carefully put our bird-discovery cameras in our backpacks, stand up to honor these green, enduring woods, and then continue with our tour. A little bit farther, we combine the beautiful music of the waterfalls and the raging rivers and the peaceful symphony of the woods into an exciting Rock song. We row enthusiastically in a wooden boat and move forward in the opposite direction of the river’s flow, experiencing an especially enjoyable rafting session. The release of so much adrenaline makes the group severely hungry. Thus, we become a guest to the river and catch several lively Salmons
Then, we give in to the river's flow and move towards the sea. We pass the swaying rice fields in the green coastline of Caspian. We drink tea in Lahijan, the tea land of Iran. We leave our tiredness behind in Sarein's natural hot springs. We free our souls in Heyran defile, and we may gaze for hours at the picture-perfect nature from above the Sabalan mountains. Perhaps the professional climbers wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to explore the mountains and even climb up to the peak, but we must prepare ourselves to take a tour in the desert after walking in the forests, an exciting rafting session, and mountaineering. Iran has beautiful deserts, among which are Maranjab desert, Mesr desert, Lut desert, etc.
The Lut desert is the first Iranian place that is registered in the list of World Heritages. It might be hard to believe, but this desert was recognized as the hottest point on the Earth in 2005, having a temperature of 70 centigrade degrees. Walking in the Remals of the Lut desert is an extraordinary experience that is presented to the tourists for free. From afar, the Kalouts look like a city made of clod towers. Some people call the Shahdad Kalout the City of Ghosts.Star-gazing in this mysterious desert, alongside the campfire and while listening to the indigenous music will make the most memorable night. We close our eyes in the exceptional silence of the desert, and wake up to the humid breeze of the Persian Gulf beaches. The end of our tour is marked by enjoying the sun and the white sands of the Persian Gulf, riding a bicycle in the island, having fun with the water activities, diving alongside the dolphins, and the nightly gatherings in the beach accompanied by the heart-warming Southern music.

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