Chabahar, the land of wonders
When I decided to take a closer look at the wonders of Chabahar, I heard a lot of negative news from this forgotten corner of Iran, from ambushing by thugs and bandits to dryness and dehydration. But the positive energy and attraction of the kind and unpretentious people made me choose the desired flight with a short search on the booking site and my heart gose out to the blue sea of the Persian Gulf . The Tehran-Chabahar route is the longest domestic air route in Iran .Fortunately, the variety of flights on this route gives you the option to choose your preferred time. Our flight was in the morning so we have more opportunities for sightseeing. Konarak airport, a small airport but with all the Health protocol. The distance from the airport to the hotel where we were staying was about 45 minutes. A beach hotel which was surrounded by shopping centers in the free zone of Chabahar. With the warm welcome of Chabahari friends with those beautiful Baluchi dresses, we delivered our rooms and
I must point out that although it was mid-July and we expected hot and muggy weather, the weather was great and obviously the guide explained that from mid-July to mid-August there is a monsoon season in Chabahar and the weather is cool and sometimes rainy. I walked to the sea before starting the tour A calm and magnificent deep sea just at the end of the red carpet of the hotel boasts its vastness and tranquility A little beyond this silence, the pulse of the country's economy beats at the Chabahar pier. Big Cargo and Passenger Ships on the go and the passengers who traveling a long journey, were still confused by the vibrations of their stagering ship to the checkpoint
With the voice of guide, I returned to the group, a tour in the city of Chabahar and listening to the Baluchi song had a unique atmosphere.The first place to visit was spices Bazar . Unique spices with a flavor of life, all kinds of chicken and fish curry spices, all kinds of peppers, cloves, cardamom and flavorings you may never have tried food with that aroma and that smell. Fruits like Guava Chico, Papaya, Banana and Mango It reminds you of the countries of the Southeast Asian region. After seeing and trying all these fruits, we moved to Tis vilage .
This region encompasses a Tis with mor than 2500 year next to Portuguese castle, which the people of that region called Tis castle with a special bias, is located near the Makran Sea and one of the most beautiful mosques in Iran. Makran shone beautifully. Tis beach was magnificent. Its sand shining in the sun, like a diamond covering a large turquoise, created a unique scene. Fortunately, with the efforts of the Free Zone Organization, huge projects are being built along Tis beach, Women's beaches and children's play areas, traditional restaurants, etc. Reluctantly, we left the beach and went back to the hotel because, according to the guide, we were supposed to be in Bryce village tommarow early in the morning for breakfast.
In the morning, with a sea breeze I woke up very early Before moving to the village of Bryce, at the suggestion of our guide, we visited the Gando farm crocodiles. I have seen examples of this type of Gando farm in India, Thailand and Africa, it was very attractive. After taking a selfie with the Ganvos, we continued our journey to Goather Bay and saw the beautiful Pink Lake or Lipar Lagoon on the way .Pink lake is home to many plants and animals, specialy planktons. Its pink color is due to the existence of this type of plankton. Finally, the beautiful Gulf of Goather , the last Iran-Pakistan border point, visiting the Pasabandar pier and the village of Bryce, and the indescribable beauty of the Great Sea, which is the confluence of the Oman Sea and the Persian Gulf . Buying handicrafts from women and girls with beautiful Baluchi dresses on the beach
The third day of the journey , We visited DARAK , It was realy the corner of paradise where sea, desert and forest meet each other , it is difficult to imagine a climate with all the natural elements. A unique and surprising scene that can be defined as a masterpiece of creation. A little later, the fountains caught our attention. Natural fountains that bubbled from the ground and threw sand with water from the ground into the air. The height of these fountains sometimes reached up to 1 meter .The holes in the ground created by this underground hookah created a particular and spatial shape. To the Ocean coast of the Bunda cliff in Australia and the Martian mountains of Chabahar to the Martian mountains of the Atacama Desert in Chile. Chabahar is a land of four springs full of rich originality and cultural beauty with pure and noble people. This travelogue is just a description of a part of the beautiful nature of this land. Set in the village of Tis, evergreen mangrove forests and many unique and spectacular historical and religious places.

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