12 Nights & 13 Days, Minimum 2 Participants, 3*, BB

Teheran (2N) Isfahan (2N) Yasuj (1N) Shiraz (2N) Yazd (2N) Mesr Desert (2N) Semnan (1N)

For sure the excitement of surfing around a region known for its climatic diversity is an experience to have on ones bucket list . To get acquainted with the magnificent landscapes you would never see anywhere else but Iran take a journey with us.
The first destination of this trip is Tehran. For sure walking in the northern part of Tehran and having lunch in Tajrish Square would be a pleasant start. watching the sunset over the nature bridge will complete the joy of walking at the water and fire (Ab-o Atash) park. It is almost Impossible to have trip to Iran without visiting Isfahan!!!! So when we arrive to Isfahan, passing through Kashan, we have the opportunity to walk on historical bridges. last day in Tehran we walked on a modern bridge, and now in Isfahan on the historical bridges, the Si-o se-pol ad Khaju, Yet Isfahan has more to offer. The Naqshe Jahan square, ChehelSotoun Palace and the traditional market are just a few of many.
Well! Enough with the monuments and cultural heritage, let us spend sometime in the nature,so we move to the Zagros mountain range and watch its beautiful waterfall the "Sisakht". The next day we will visit the Margoon Waterfall,to enjoy the beauty of nature also alongside our admiration for the history of Iran.
Now it's time to return to the heart of the ancient Persian heritage,to Shiraz, where the ancient Achaemenid legacy the Persepolis is. The stone columns and unique monuments that reminds us the 2500-year-old Iranian kingdom legacy. After Shiraz, it is time to discover Yazd bricked alleys. The experience of stepping over the Zoroastrian graves outside the city will complete this cultural discovery.
however if you are an adventurous traveler, the peak of this journey is here, experiencing of the desert sports. If you enjoy off-road rides, you can go to the desert with a car and even experience a camel back riding. Surely the calm starry Sky will bring you a relaxed sleep after a thrilling day.

Day 1: Tehran

Arriving to Tehran, meeting the Tour Guide & transferring to Hotel. After a short rest at the hotel our city tour starts with visiting the north of Tehran Where Sa’dabad Palace is, moving on to Tajrish to have lunch there. The tour ends with visiting the fire & water Park which is next to the Nature Bridge, overnight in Tehran.

Day 2: Isfahan

Early in the morning just after breakfast, we drive to Isfahan. On the way we will have an excursion to Kashan, after lunch we move on to Isfahan, in the afternoon we will be there. With a walk on the most beautiful bridges in the city, Khaju & Si-o-se Pol. will finish our day and rest overnight in Isfahan.

Day 3: Isfahan

After a pleasant rest and a delicious breakfast at hotel it's time to walk around the city and enjoy the magnificence of historical sites in Isfahan such as second largest square in the world, Naqsh-e-Jahan, magnificent palaces and traditional Bazaars. Having a traditional meal would be a remarkable experience to not forget for life, after lunch we continue our sightseeing to the end of the day. overnight Isfahan.

Day 4: Yasuj

After an early breakfast we drive to Yasuj, it would take 6 hours from Isfahan to Yasuj, however, with so much attractions along the road its pity not to stop and cherish its beauty. So we have Semirom Waterfall to visit, and a short stop to explore Si-sakht in which the nature would hypnotize each and every specter. Moreover there is Dena preserved zone to see which you can be sure amassed with the magnitude of its summit.by the night we arrive to Yasuj and rest at hotel.

Day 5: Shiraz

After breakfast we drive to Shiraz, but we are here to explore the nature, so we extend the time of our trip with driving to Margon village and waterfall. By the time for lunch we arrive to Shiraz and in the following we go for sightseeing. Overnight in Shiraz.

Day 6: Shiraz

Today we will visit Persepolis, where lies 2500 years of history and culture. We spend half day there. To rest and dine we drive to a restaurant then drive back to Shiraz to continue our city tour to gardens and mansions, Overnight Shiraz.

Day 7: Yazd

Early in the morning we drive to city of windcatchers, Yazd. We will visit the Great Pasargadae on the way, after lunch we drive to Abarkuh to see the wondrous 4000 year old cedar. At the end we arrive to Yazd to stay overnight, yet we have just enough time for sightseeing around the town.

Day 8: Yazd

After breakfast we have a city tour to old areas in Yazd, after lunch which we will have in a traditional restaurant, we go to Bazaar to buy souvenirs and go back to hotel to rest overnight..

Day 9: Mesr Desert

We start our day with hiking over Zoroastrians Hill, "Dakhme", then we move to gem of the desert Nain, where we have lunch there. Moving on to desert. Overnight in desert.

Day 10: Mesr Desert

You might don’t know but, nowadays ski on sand is as popular and exciting as any other kind of skiing. So after breakfast when sands are still cold this exciting ride is recommended along to off-road, ATV & Dune Buggy. Camel riding is the ultimate desert adventure, under the glorious sunshine ride the camel and gaze to the farthest horizon. At night whether you like stars or not! the shiny stars with the full moonlight would mesmerize you and drive to know more about the Constellations. Overnight in Desert.

Day 11: Semnan

We leave desert, before sunrise, to Damghan. Part of the road is dusty so we move slower here, however we arrive to Damghan on time to have lunch. After an afternoon excursion we move to Semnan, to stay overnight.

Day 12: Tehran

Semnan is the last city of our journey, after a city tour in Semnan we drive to Tehran, on the way we can see Garmsar salt-caves, Overnight Tehran.

Day 13: Tehran

After breakfast visiting the south and historical part of Tehran is in order, as well as visiting traditional Bazaar, where the tour is finished and we get ready to fly back home.

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