7 Nights & 8 Days, Minimum 4 Participants, 3*, FB

Tehran (1N), Sari (1 N), Khosh Yellagh Reserve (1N), Touran Wildlife Refuge (2N), Parvar (1N), Yazd (1N)

This tour includes visiting Darband mountainside, and the wildlife of Golestan National Park, Khosh Yellagh Reserve, Touran Wildlife Refuge & Biosphere, Parvar Game Reserve, and stopping for the sight of Iran's highest peak of Mt Damavand. The most important principle of Bird watching Tours is silence and calmness. Those who turn to the entertainment need to have a proper concentration so they can observe beautiful birds and listen to their refreshing lilts in nature in silence and peace. This is why psychologist recommend the bird watching Tours to all those who wish to achieve calmness, mental relaxation, and improved concentration.The best season to watch birds in Iran are the spring and the fall in ponds. In fall, not only do migrating birds enter Iran, but their offspring hatched in the spring will have grown up by then and join their flocks.
Day 1: Tehran

Arrive Tehran — check-in to your hotel and the afternoon is yours to explore. After a trip orientation meeting we finish the day with dinner in the Darband mountainside.Overnight in Tehran.

Day 2: Sari

Sari / Golestan National Park — an early morning drive past the city of Sari in the southern region of the Caspian Sea to one of Iran's largest national parks. Wild Boar, Loitered Gazelles, Iranian Ibex, Mouflon, Brown Bear, Various species of Sparrow, Hawk, Buzzard, Woodpecker, Robin, Thrush, Cuckoo, Restart, Blackbird, Chiffchaff, Linnet, Blackcap, Whitethroat, Coal and Blue Tit, Hyrcanian Tit, Eurasian Nuthatch.Overnight Sari.

Day 3: Khosh Yellagh

Khosh Yellagh Reserve — leaving the park in the morning, visit of the nearby Khosh Yellagh Reserve. Wild Boar, Iranian Ibex, Red Urial, Common Swift, Eurasian Hoopee, Bimaculated and Horned Larks, Tawny Pipit, Northern and Finsch's Wheatears, Eurasian Tree Sparrow, Ortolan Bunting

Day 4&5: Touran Wildlife

Touran Wildlife Refuge & Biosphere — Located in the Anatolian Iran desert this refuge is an import-ant habitat for the region's rarer species of birds and fauna. Cheetah, Leopard, Persian Gazelle, Iranian Ground Jay, Asiatic Wild Ass, Eurasian Golden Oriole, Red throated Pipit, Tree Pipit, Citrine Wagtail, Yellow Wagtail, Egyptian Vulture, Cream coloured Courser, Pale Rock Finch and Sparrow, Back Belly Sandgrouse, Desert Wheatears, Desert Warbler and Finch, Trumpeter Finch, Macqueen Bustard

Day 6: Parvar

Parvar Game Reserve — An early morning drive to the Parvar , climb up the slopes of forested mountains in search of the endemic Hyrcanian Tit. Wild Boar, Iranian Ibex, Red Urial, Hyrcanian Tit, Radde's Accentor, Plain Leaf Warbler, Rufous-tailed Wheatear, Grey-necked Bunting, Caspian Snowcock, Eurasian Crag Martin, White-throated Robin, Black Redstart

Day 7: Mount Damavand

Tehran – On the way back to Tehran stopping along the way for seeing the view of Iran's highest peak, Mount Damavand.

Day 8: Tehran

Tehran / Departure