We Deliver The Best

CIP services is a unique and distinct service in domestic and foreign airports. It means that you can easily skip entering crowded airport terminals, stay away from the crowd and forget about the difficulties. We will facilitate and accelerate your passage through the airport.

Our Special Services Upon Your Arrival

Our colleagues will welcome you proudly upon your arrival. They will lead your ceremonial car to the CIP lounge, and then, all the baggage and also visa affairs (even getting an airport visa for foreigners) will be facilitated for you. The servants will decently serve you inside the CIP lounge while you will be waiting for the task to be done. Various Iranians and foreign foods, as well as drinks and resting place in a stylish and peaceful ambiance far from the bureaucratic procedure, will be our gifts to you upon your arrival. Then if seeking the transfer, our unique services will host you up to your host.

Our Special Services Upon Your Departure

The VIP transfer service from your house, hotel or even workplace is the star of recording special moments.
Your entry to the airport CIP station accompanied with a warm welcome, carrying your baggage to the cargo area, receiving your documents and doing the administrative procedures while you are spending your time at an exclusive lounge is the responsibility of our experienced men in the airport CIP lounge. While staying at the CIP lounge, you will deal with your financial affairs at the bank inside the lounge. Having received your fly card and document from the respective agent, you can prepare to leave for the special departure gates. CIP team will escort you to the airstair.
Leave everything to us and enjoy your trip. Identifying your needs and concerns is one of our main targets in CIP.