Text by: Hadi Saberi

5 Days
Max. Altitude:
5671 m/18606 ft.
Tent + Shelter
Best Season:
Spring & Summer
Walking Per Day:
4 – 6 Hours
Group Size:
2 – 12 People

Climbing Damavand from the South Face

Trip Introduction

Damavand (5671 m) is the highest peak in Iran, the Middle East and the highest volcanic peak in Asia. This peak is located in northern Iran and in the vast Alborz mountain range, near the capital city. Damavand Peak is located 69 km northeast of Tehran, 62 km southwest of Amol and 26 km northwest of Damavand city. Damavand is a legendary mountain that has frequently been mentioned in poems, historical and mythical books as well as being one of the most popular symbols of Iran and the Iranian people. The relative height of Damavand - determined by measuring the peak relative to the lowest (deepest) valley between this peak and the nearest (high) peak - is 4661m, which ranks Damavand 12th among the highest peaks in the world in terms of relative height.
1 Day 1
Tehran: Sightseeing in Tehran
2 Day 2
We leave Tehran after an unforgettable sightseeing in Tehran. After a two-hour drive on the beautiful Haraz road, having passed through the cities of Jajrood, Roodehen and Abali, we reach Polour (2219 m). This is the place where all the preparations for the ascent, sending cargos, getting ascent permit, etc. are made. Here is camp one.
Then, with suitable cars, we drive to the beginning of the climbing route at the altitude of 2450m, and start trekking toward camp two – called Goosfand-sara. After hiking for about two to three hours we arrive Goosfand-sara, where there is a mosque. Here is the spot where we will overnight - at the height of 3050 meters. After a one-hour break, for a proper acclimatization, we climb up to the height of 3400m and return to the camp to overnight at the peaceful place.

Maximum altitude of ascent: 3400 m
Length of the route: 3.54 km
Camp altitude: 3050 m
Difficulty level: 3
Approximate time of ascent: 2 to 3 hours
Overnight: Tent
3 Day 3
Early in the morning, having had breakfast, we leave camp two toward camp three with a height of 4150 meters. Since there is a 1550-meter ascent ahead of us for the day, we slowly keep hiking to the camp. After trekking for about four to five hours we reach camp three and overnight in the pre-prepared camping area.
After having rest and lunch, we climb up to the altitude of 4600m (with light backpacks and some water) to acclimatize. Then we return to the camp to overnight. Now, almost all the surrounding heights are under our feet and we can enjoy the breathtaking view. The next day, would be our final ascent to the beautiful summit of Damavand.

Maximum altitude of ascent: 4600 m
Length of the route: 3.66 km
Camp altitude: 4150 m
Difficulty level: 4
Approximate time of ascent: 4-6 hours
Overnight: Tent/camp
4 Day 4
Early in the morning, at around 04:00, having had breakfast, we take some water, food, and required gears and tools we begin the final ascent to the summit. Apart from short rests along the route, we will take our major break at the height of 5100m, next to the icefall (icy waterfall- abshaar yakhi). A beautiful waterfall with a height of 7 meters, frozen all year long.
Then, we continue the ascent to the summit. It is estimated that for people with a healthy body accompanied by our professional guides and a proper acclimatization plan it will take about six to 8 hours to reach the summit while enjoying a safe, pleasant climb.
After summiting the peak, we can walk round the 400-meter-long crater of this amazing dormant volcano. As we pass by its Sulfur dioxide valves, we can have breathtaking views from all the faces, the northern parts of the Alborz mountain range which ends in the largest lake of the world as well as the southern part of the mountain range which extends to the intimidating, eerie deserts of Iran. We can enjoy watching the spectacular scenery from the top.
Finally, we leave the summit with all its beauty and charms to return to Camp three and overnight there.

Maximum altitude of ascent: 5671 m
Length of the route: 2.18 km
Camp altitude: 4150 m
Difficulty level: 5
Approximate time of ascent: 6 to 8 hours
Overnight: Tent/camp
5 Day 5
We leave camp three toward the lower camp. First, we get to camp two, then, after taking enough rest, we keep trekking toward the split path – the point where we started the ascent to the peak. It is possible to hire suitable vehicles from camp two to the split and to Polour.

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