Corporate Diplomacy

1Diplomatic Communication
Our main target is providing the situation to help the characteristics of communication. We assist you to have a relaxed ambiance and being tact (not zeal) in order to adhere to the subject matter and avoiding of generalization.
There is a huge support for time-management, but yet flexible on sudden agenda to help you have a positive approach.
A) Interpretation
1) Simultaneous Interpretation
2) Consecutive interpretation
B) Translation
1) Verbal Translation
2) Non-verbal Translation
C) Written Communication
2Cross-Cultural Etiquette
To follow the rules of social behaviors, we observe all public places during your meetings and conferences to stick to your cultural facts.
The services are released through the accepted code of matters in your ceremonies and the professional practice or actions among the members are regarded.
3Ethical Issues
The most fundamental issue for us is to provide the situation to face integrity and trust and we must treat with respect.
We try the best to fully comply with environmental laws, state safety regulation, monetary and fiscal reports and applicable civil rights laws.
4Team Building Events
Team-work is a driving fact behind any organizations.
Get it right and the results will talk to you. It's good to mention that our team working company provides you with the easy issuing of C.I.P and V.I.P services at the airport and releasing cars for your city or airport transportation. People working with each other is an empowering fact, better than skills, processes, and policies.
1) Airport Services
2) Transportation
3) Hotel Management
4) Venue Services
5) M.I.C.E Services

Ceremonial & Social Events

1Event Logistics
Be inspired by our event management services which include V.I.P charter plains to provide you with a time-savings and relaxing flight, then there will be V.I.P cars in order to take you directly to the hotel after relaxing in airport C.I.P.
Comfortable rooms are reserved to give you a convenient situation to start your agenda in the booked Venue. Catering will be in touch for the break-time for energizing you to continue the priorities.
Let's relax, when business reacts, when our tour operating team who releases tailor-made itineraries for you in order to entertain in the local area. On the basis of expertise required production equipment and local support staff will be ready to hold your conferences and seminars. Feel free for interpretation, access to press organizations and staging.
Our services include:
1) Charter Plains
2) Airport C.I.P & V.I.P
3) V.I.P Transportation
4) Hotel Accomodation
5) Venue Reservation
6) Staging
7) Required Production Equipments
8) International-Press-Organization
9) Local Support Staff
2Seating Plan & Order of Precedence
We begin with initial event planning which means determine the main purpose of the event to formulate the agenda in order to bear in mind the rank, importance, and ease of access.
3VIP Treatment, Forms of Address & Titles
V.I.P treatments will be arranged for the appropriate level of diplomats. Firstly, we need to have categories of dignities for entrance authorization, then, according to with usual practice, the V.I.P treatment can be granted.
4Social Graces
To observe protocol, manners, and etiquette in order to act according to the standard norms of behavior for diplomats, there are professional staffs who know how to communicate and ease the situation for you.