1Where is Iran?
Iran, located in southwest Asia, is a country with the area of approximately 1,531,595 square kilometers and the population of about 79,926,270. The country from the north is neighboring with Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkmenistan, from the east with Afghanistan and Pakistan, and from the west with Turkey and Iraq.
Iran is part of the vast Iranian Plateau and is one of the world's most mountainous countries. The populous western part is the most mountainous partof Iran, with ranges such as the Caucasus, Zagros, and Alborz, last containing Mount Damavand , Iran's highest point at 5,610 m (18,406 ft), which is also the highest mountain on the Eurasian landmass west of the Hindu Kush.
Iran's climate is diverse, ranging from arid and semi-arid, to subtropical along the Caspian coast and the northern forests.
2Where to stay?
every city in Iran has many hotels in different levels,which you can stay in according to your interest and your budget. Besides these hotels, there are very beautiful Eco-lodges and traditional houses for your accommodation in different parts of the country.
3What to eat?
Traditional Iranian cuisines are combinations of rice with meat (including lamb, chicken, or fish), vegetables (including onions and various herbs), and nuts. Fresh green herbs are frequently used along with fruits such as plums, pomegranate, quince, prunes, apricots, and raisins. Characteristic Iranian flavorings such as saffron, dried lime, cinnamon, and parsley are mixed and used in some special dishes. two special foods that you can try in Iran are:
Kebab: it is grilled meet such as filet minion and chicken which is served in rice.
Dizi: it is totally different with other foods. The ingredients are lamb, tomato, onion, potato, chickpeas and it is flavored by turmeric.
4What to wear?
Iran is a country which has a certain rules about dressing in public, but it does not show that all these rules are binding for tourists. The most important thing is for the ladies to wear scarf and cover their hair.however all parts of women's body must be covered, for example you can wear a pair of jean or long and a blouse (not very short) or a long dress with scarf.
5What is the currency in Iran?
Iran's official currency is Rial. However Toman is more common in the country. Toman is one tenth of a Rial. So. When purchasing if someone quotes 23000 Toman, it works to be 230,000 Rial. Most prices written on the item in the stores or restaurants or other places are in Toman.
The tourists who travel to Iran can not withdraw any cash from ATM machines in the country. So the should bring cash only for entire stay.
6Do you want to know about the religion in Iran?
around 90-95% of Iranians are Muslim and others are consist of the Iranian Zoroastrians, Christians and Jews.
7which is the best season for coming to Iran?
Iran is country with a variety of climate conditions. In spring (mostly in Farvardin & Ordibehesh, March 21 – May 30) the country is in a marvelous beauty. This season is the time of flourishing the blossoms and it has the best freshness of air.
8What to buy in Iran?
Here you can find lots of handicrafts and souvenirs in different cities. Some of them are: Carpet & Kilim, Engraving & Inlaid, Tapestry, Miniature, Ceramic & Pottery, Jewelry, Manuscripts, and Saffron …
9How is the safety in Iran?
any traveler who enters Iran will be warmly welcomed by Iranian guards, regardless of their religion, ethnicity or nationality. Be sure that as long as your stay in Iran, you are under our security.
10How is the process of visa for Canadian, American or British nationalities?
the first advice for citizens of the mentioned countries, is to apply for their Iran visa 2-3 months before their trip.
Before applying for a visa, American, Canadian and British travelers must obtain an authorization code for the Iranian ministry of foreign affairs.
11How to speak in Iran?
English Pronunciation Persian (Farsi)
Hello Salam سلام
Goodbye Khoda Hafez خداحافظ
See you later Ba'dan mibinamet بعدا می بینمت
Good morning Sobh be kheir صبح بخیر
Good night Shab be kheir شب بخیر
Good evening Asr be kheir عصر بخیر
I'm fine Man khoobam من خوبم
Thank you Mamnoon ممنون
You're welcome Khahesh mikonam خواهش می کنم
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