11 nights & 12 days

Tehran1N/ Masouleh2N/ Lahijan 1N/ Anzali 1N /Ardebil 2N/Sarein 1N /Tabriz 3 N

Day 1:

Arrival to Tehran, check in, tour begins at 10-11 in the morning (depending on the time of arrival it might begin later), Visiting Golestan Palace an excursion to Tehran Grand Bazar, Spice Market, vegetarian lunch in the Artists Park (Gheymeh with Soya, Kuku a dish similar to Frittata with Potato and eggs, Mast-o Khyar a dip with yoghurt and cucumber and kheer for dessert). Over night Tehran

Day 2:

After an early breakfast driving to Gilan Province, visiting the beautiful step village the Masouleh, lunch alongside with the presentation of two famous local cuisine, Mirza Ghassemi and Torshe Ghalieh consist of freshly picked local Herbs Garlic and Vegetables, Organic Eggs and delicious spices . over night Masouleh

Day 3:

After a unique breakfast with local dairy products along with a fresh bread which yourself helped to bake, before moving to Rudkhan Castle, preparing a long-cooked meal with presentation of another famous local cuisine using only fresh and organic ingredients. Shesh andaz, a food rich in ingredients such as Walnuts, Pomegranate Paste, Eggplants and Onion. Hiking in the castle and shopping local handicrafts, back to the hotel and a pleasant lunch. Over night Masouleh

Day 4:

After Breakfast living the jungle to Lahijan the city of lush tea plantations, check in, a short rest, testing fresh tea with evening meal in the tea gardens, an excursion alongside of lake and the magnificent Satan’s Hill (Sheytan Kooh). a pleasant grocery shopping at the local markets and a presentation of a simple nutritious food with the aroma of life . Over night Lahijan , Sirabij with ingredients such as aromatic Herbs, garlic and Organic Eggs which serves with Organic yoghurt. Alongside this dish you can taste a very delectable stew, the Baghali Ghatogh that is a combination of fresh local Beans, garlic and eggs served with rice.

Day 5:

Driving toward the Caspian Sea, Visiting the Anzali Lagoon attractions including: Lotuses, Anzali Port, the end of our Excursion is visiting the local fish market, which is blended in with the delightful sound of the Caspian Sea and the local fishermen, where you can find from the Caspian Kutum to lobster and caviar. For lunch in this seaside town . Over night Anzali the chef's suggestion naturally would be fish. However to be loyal to the theme of the Tour we suggest the Caviar Kuku or the Caviar Omelet, using Caviar, garlic and eggs alongside fresh herbs will be you’re the most marine omelet of your life, Over night Anzali.

Day 6:

Continue to Ardebil crossing the Heyran, which mesmerized every viewer. Traditional foods in Ardebil correspond to the climatic conditions of this region with cold and long winters. Many kinds of soups and pottages with Sablan's dairy and honey are typical cuisines of the area. After a long drive. Dinner and rest at the hotel. Over night Ardebil

Day 7:

This morning we go to local market to buy beans, vegetables, buttermilk, bread and mint to make Ash-e Doogh. Visiting to Sheikh Safi's Tomb and Ardebil's beautiful mosques. Over night Ardebil .

Day 8:

Visiting Sarein, relax in the foothills and enjoy the natural spa in the warm and healing waters of Sarein and after a great relaxation having a delicious organic food in the heart of nature. Geographically, most foods are cooked with mutton or chicken. To stay loyal to the tour theme we only use foods with no meet in recipe or substitute such as soybeans or mushrooms instead of meat. Today's local food, is Sutipolow, a very high nutritional value cuisine, which is rice cooked with milk and saffron served along with dates and raisins and of course with a little smoked fish. Over night Sarein

Day 9:

Moving on to Tabriz the city center of east Azerbaijan province. The city of authenticity and honor. The capital of economy of Azerbaijan. After a short rest. An excursion to the city. Visiting Iranian Carpet Museum, the Iron Age museum, Alishah Arg and Tabriz Municipality Palace. Over night Tabriz

Day 10:

For breakfast we will have Doymaj, an ethnic cuisine which usually they eat for breakfast or evening meal, a beautiful mix of bread, aromatic herbs (leeks, parsley, tarragon and pennyroyal) and walnuts, with this energy bomb we start our tour to Tabriz. For the night, we have delicious vine leaf roll (Burakh Dolmasi), mix of oatmeal, rice, cotyledon, onions, and fresh herbs all wrapped in vine leaf, along with yogurt. Over night Tabriz

Day 11:

Continuing the journey to the beautiful village of Kandovan, a village of steady rock, this village is one of the few rocky villages in the world where life has traditionally flows. Top-grade nuts, fresh honey, are the region's most famous products. Green bean Kuku, with green bean, potato, garlic, onion, egg-walnut and barberry are ingredients of this cuisine with high levels of vitamin A and iron in combination. Served with local bread. Overnight in Tabriz.

Day 12:

Departure from Tabriz to destination (if flying with Turkish) Otherwise return to Tehran and fly back home.

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