MICE Services

1Meeting Services
The Purposes of Meetings
Meeting under our cooperation is supposed to pool and develop ideas to reach a fruitful plan in order to solve the problems through priorities. Then there will be a great opportunity of making decisions which cause creating and developing an understanding to create a common purpose.
Fact of Meetings:
Firstly, knowledge is the key factor for starting the meetings and then your expertise is the key point to reach your target, then experience comes and expectations take you to the goal of meetings. We are next to you to shape the facts.
Plan Preparations:
To have an effective meeting, plans play an important role, then we organize and control the process of handling in order to follow the subjects of agenda. Our group is supporting you to maintain the connections, then encouraging and developing harmonious relationships. Meeting Preparations:
In an office or your accommodations, we will arrange the meetings. Just give us a time, then the place, the forum or B2B meeting shapes will be ready.
Any relevant papers will be attached in order not to miss any key points of the meetings.
Meeting Services:
1) Develop a Preliminary Agenda
2) Selecting Right Participant
3) Confirm Availablity of Space
4) Send the Perliminary Agenda to Key Participants and Takeholders
5) Follow up with Invitees in Person
6) Identifed and Arranged for Equipment
2Incentive Services
Feel relax, when business reacts. Upon your request, we are ready to provide you with entertainment in order to have a memorable visit. Official gathering or banquet in the hotel of residence, in addition to all other facilities needed to suit your needs, will be ready.
Special parties:
Various different kinds of events can be organazied:
- Welcome party
- Banquet party
Shift from purchasing as a businessman to buy memory. We will arrange for you to have a souvenir time.
3Conference Services
Communication is the main target in business in order to reach conclusions. We are here to provide you convenient collaboration for the most suitable locations.
No worry about integrated conferences. Also, there is a huge availability of space and the conferencing platform will be simplified.
You will grow the business performance with high productive workers and team, so easily bringing people together. The power and flexibility of communication will start releasing the benefit of conferences.
1) Venu (Rooming List, BEOs, Event Agenda, AV Request)
2) Exhibit And Sponsers
3) Registration and Information Desk
4) Miscellaneous
4Exhibition Services
Let's countdown to the show when you define the purpose of your exhibition, we will develop the idea of decreasing the budget, then the exhibition market plan will be included. We will be your coordinator and think about the staffing, marketing materials, giveaways, and accessories. As you are finalizing the design we are here to bring it into practice, also there is an assistance for booking staff for any presentations or demonstrations.
1) Space Requirements
2) Stand Design and Graphic Design Parameters
3) Products or Service to Be Exhibited
4) On-Site Services
5) Transportation and Logistics
6) Stand Staff
7) Pre-Show, At-Show ans Post-Show Promotional Activities.

VIP & CIP Figures

1I.R. Iran Visa
There are six international airports in Iran which include CIP and VIP centers in order to ease the situation and raising the proficiency of travelers.
The importance of your time and convenience makes us providing you with a situation in which you take a rest and visa issue will be on process. It is good to mention that the CIP car will take you from airplane to CIP complex and then the visa issue will start doing by visa affairs in CIP. While the visa is being ready, you can take tea and coffee around your table and enjoy your meeting with colleagues or partners.
2CIP Airport Reservation
CIP services, be cool once we deliver the best
CIP services is a unique and distinct service in domestic and foreign airports. This means that you can easily skip entering crowded airport terminals, stay away from the crowd and forget about the difficulties. We will facilitate and accelerate your passage through the airport. The airport CIP group is honored to accompany you while leaving or arriving at your country; leave everything to us, proceed with your schedule and enjoy your moments.
We are honored to provide you with service like exclusive airport CIP lounge regardless of your flight class and airline. It is easily feasible to book exclusive CIP services for domestic and foreign flights and also airport transfer.
Our special services upon your arrival
Our colleagues will welcome you proudly upon your arrival. They will lead your ceremonial car to the CIP lounge, and then, all the baggages and also visa affairs (even getting an airport visa for foreigners) will be facilitated for you. The servants will decently serve you inside the CIP lounge while you will be waiting for the task to be done. Various Iranians and foreign foods, as well as drinks and resting place in a stylish and peaceful ambiance far from the bureaucratic procedure, will be our gifts to you upon your arrival. Then if seeking transfer, our unique services will be host you up to your host.
Our special services upon your departure
Try starting your business and recreational trips with us. The VIP transfer service from your house, hotel or even workplace is the star of recording special moments.
Your entry to the airport CIP station accompanied with a warm welcome, carrying your baggage to the cargo area, receiving your documents and doing the administrative procedures while you are spending your time at an exclusive lounge is the responsibility of our experienced men in the airport CIP lounge. Diverse food menu and catering drink along with high-speed internet connection for your personal and business affairs are other advantages of using the services.
While staying at the CIP lounge, you will deal with your financial affairs at the bank inside the lounge. Visiting and shopping at the handicraft and dried nuts mall are other options you may enjoy as well. Having received your fly card and document from the respective agent, you can prepare to leave for the special departure gates. CIP team will escort you by the CIP car to the airstair.
Leave everything to us and enjoy your trip. Identifying your needs and concerns is one of our main targets in CIP.
These services are available in airports of the following cities: Kish, Mashhad, Tabriz, Kermanshah, and Ahvaz, and at a limited scale, in terminal No. 2 at Tehran Mehr Abad Airport. You can have our services on your trip inside Iran.
3VIP Transportation

VIP service at Imam Khomeini airport.

The highlight of our VIP service is the private transport to the aircraft with VIP vehicles of the airport. Our modern fleet of vehicles with large-capacity trucks and furniture lifts guarantee a smooth move without stress and without hassle!

Every customer is unique, just like our services.

We guarantee satisfaction. Try it, you will be amazed! Every move has its special features, every customer has their own special wishes. In order to do justice to all, we advise you in advance and plan together with you the imminent move to your new home. Organization and flexibility, even with short-term decisions, are our strengths. We ensure a smooth process.

Benefit from our experience.
4Hotels & Tourism Industry
With improving trend in MICE industry, there is a huge need to balance services between business markets and tourism markets, so we release such services in airport accommodations or our booked hotels. With airport hotels, time is saved and meetings could be further sufficient.
We not only reserve your accommodation but also book venues for the seminars or conferences, release care and formalities for your meetings, workplace and full stationary and interphone facilities.
Exclusive tour itineraries will be tailor-made for you in order to have a new goal and approach in your business trip.