10 Nights & 11 Days, Minimum 10 Participants , FB

Because you start your journey from Isfahan to Tehran, the trekking plan can be started when you arrived in Tehran. We chose three areas from east to west, Taleqan, Alamout and Tarom. All three or two of these areas will be joined during your 10 or more days trekking. We have three options for you. Since we do not know how your team condition is, we can discuss about it after you read the proposal.
Day 1:Transfer from Tehran to Taleqan county and driving to Parachan village (140 KM).

Trekking from Parachan village to Domcheh meadow and staying in tent at night.

Day 2:Trekking from Domcheh to Se-hezar

Relaxing in natural hot water spring and staying in Tent at night

Day 3:1-hour light trekking and transfer to Alamout by car via a nice mountain road.

Note: you can have trekking in some part of the route if you like Visiting Hasan-e Sabah famous and historical castle Staying in tent near Ovan lake.

Day 4:

Visiting other historical areas like Hajat Khaneh cave, Lambesar castle, very old tree of Falar Village,Staying in traditional houses at night, taking shower and relaxing, meeting native people.

Day 5:Transfer to Tarom

1.5-hour trekking to the meadow and stay in tent at night.

Day 6 to 9:trekking to Ghal-e Roudkhan and staying in tent at night.

We can pass this route in 3 days too with a little longer trekking in a day. In last day of trekking, we will face Ghal-e Roudkhan very old and historical castle on our route in the middle of the jungle! Visiting Ghal-e Roudkhan castle and 1-hour trekking to the end of the route. Transfer to Masouleh old and very nice village and visiting there. Staying in traditional houses, taking shower and relax at night, meeting native people …

Day 10:

Transfer to Qazvin via Fouman and Rasht, half day visiting of the first capital city of the Safavieh Dynasty. Staying in hotel at night.

Day 11:

Visiting Qazvin and transfer to Tehran.

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