15 Nights & 16 Days, Minimum 10 Participants, 3*, FB

Tehran (3N), Ardabil (2N), AnzaliI (1N), Sari (1N), Gonbad (1N), Naharkhoran (1N),
Shiraz (2N), Yasuj (1N), Shar-e kurd (1N), Isfahan(2N)

The mix of ethnicities in Iran is not integrated, the population diversity that has been created for Centuries by mixing races and migrations has led to the emergence of various tribes including: Fars, Azeri, Kurdish, Lur, Baluch, Bakhtiari, Taleshi, Turkmen, Qashqaiees, Shahsun and Arab. During this trip we will meet some of these tribes and get familiar with their lifestyles: where they live, what they eat, and how they deal. We also explore their ceremonies, such as wedding with their colorful dress and their delicious food. this tour is a glance to Iranian Multi culture people united as a nation.
Day 1: Tehran

Arrival at IKA and greeting, moving to Hotel for rest, Overnight in Tehran.

Day 2: Ardebil

Start sightseeing to visit the National Museum of Iran, The Abgineh Museum of Tehran and the famous ،Tehran Grand bazaar . Moving on to Ardabil. Overnight in Ardabil.

Day 3: Ardebil

Before driving to Sablan first visiting Sheikh Safi tomb then Driving to the Sablan Mountain, on the way visiting Nomad Dwelling (the Shahsavans) in Qotor Suiee Back to Ardabil. Overnight in Ardabil.

Day 4: Anzali

Early in the morning, drive to Bandar Anzali on the way on Astara , we will visit the Nomads of Galesh who are lovely farmers. Continuing our excursion to Anzali lagoon and enjoy watching Water lilies. Overnight in Anzali.

Day 5: Sari

Driving to Sari about 7 hours, on the way we will visit the Coast and Rice Paddies and Namakabrud Village. Overnight in Sari.

Day 6: Gonbad

Drive to Minoodasht / Gonbad, on the way visiting Bandar Torkaman and the Turkmen Nomads in Gomishan. Continuing to Aaq Qala, Gonbad City and Gonbad Qaboos Tower. Overnight in Gonbad.

Day 7: Naharkhoran

Driving to Maraveh Tappeh and Ashkhaneh to visit the Kurd Nomads in suburbs of Ashkhaneh to Bojnurd. Back to Gorgan. Overnight in Naharkhoran.

Day 8: Shiraz

Drive back to Tehran from Sari and fly to Shiraz. Overnight in Shiraz.

Day 9: Shiraz

Visiting Persepolis and Necropolis the UNESCO world heritage sites. Overnight in Shiraz.

Day 10: Yasuj

Drive to Yasuj passing by Bishapour. Visit Bishapour Palaces and the Nomads (Qashqaiees). Overnight in Yasuj.

Day 11: Lordegan

Drive to Lordegan passing through Semirom and see Nomads (Boyer Ahmadi). Overnight in Lordegan.

Day 12:Sharekord

Driving to Samsami and Shariari Villages to see Bakhtiari Nomads and continue driving to see Sheikh Alikhan and chamah Villages and arrive in Shahrekord. Overnight Shahrekord.

Day 13: Isfahan

Driving to Isfahan, walk on historical bridges the Khaju and Si o Se pol in Isfahan. Overnight in Isfahan.

Day 14: Isfahan

City tour in Isfahan visiting the Naqsh-e Jahan square, Aliqapu Palace Imam Mosque and grand Bazar of Isfahan. Overnight in Isfahan.

Day 15: Tehran

Early in the morning driving to Tehran wit a short stop in Abyaneh village then continue our trip to Tehran. Overnight in Tehran.

Day 16: Tehran

Departure from Tehran.

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