12 Nights & 13 Days, Minimum 2 Participants, 3*, BB


The purpose of this tour is to meet western Iran and its beautiful nature.
This program is a synthesis of introducing history, nature and folk of this part of Iran and is recommended to those who seek peace and enjoyment of nature, along with those who are interested in history, art and culture.

Day 1: Arrival in Tehran IKA

AThe trip starts in Tehran from your arrival at its international airport known as IKA. You will be transferred to hotel to check-in. Later, you will visit the Sa’adabad Palace, the Tajrish Square and mountainous area of Darband in the north part of Tehran. The visit to Darband includes a light trekking, enjoying the fresh air and visiting local life. Overnight in Tehran.

Day 2: Tehran / Shahandasht

Drive to North early in the morning to enjoy the road, which is laid to Damavand. After one hour, we arrive to kings land; a village with more than 3000 years old. We will visit the most beautiful waterfall and 2500 years old castle, continue our trip to Himeh Village, accommodation in village house and enjoy organic foods.

Day 3: Shahandasht / Ab Pari

Early in the morning, after getting experience a lot of new thing such as milking, horse riding, baking and eating lunch with the locals, we will be ready to drive to Ab pari and stay one night there for rest in the middle of way to Gonbad Kavoos.

Day 4: Ab Pari / Totli Tamak

Early in the morning, we leave Ab pari to travel to Totli Tamak which is around 220 Kilometers from ab pari. In Tutli Tamak, we will be hosted by the Turkmen people of Iran.

Day 5: Totli Tamak

Today we visit one of the most eye-catching landscapes in Iran; the Khalid Nabi cemetery, the mausoleum of Khalid Nabi which is about 75 Kilometers far from Totli Tamak. The mausoleum is surrounded by magnificent nature. In the evening, we will return to the local house overnight.

Day 6:Totli Tamak / Bastam

After visiting Gonbad Kavoos brick-tower, which is an outstanding innovative example of Islamic architecture we head to Bastam, which is approximately 215 Kilometers. We will arrive at the hotel in the evening.

Day 7: Bastam / Jandaq

In the morning, after breakfast, first, we visit the Tomb of Bayazid Bastami, who played a major role in Sufism evolution. Then we go to Jandaq village which is 340 km far from Bastam, to reach the village we should go through the most beautiful deserted road in Iran.

Day 8: Jandaq

Today, it’s all about exploring and discovering deserts of Iran. We will visit all surrounded area of the village, and go to Mesr village for many experiences. At the village, we will enjoy local foods right at the heart of the desert.

Day 9: Meybod / Yazd

After breakfast, we will leave our local hosts and continue our way to Yazd, the center of Zoroastrian culture in Iran. We should travel for around 300 km in the desert to reach the city. On our way, we will become familiar with traditional Persian residential architectural elements in Meybod. We will also have lunch in Meybod and then continue to Yazd. We probably arrive at Yazd late in the evening. Overnight in Yazd.

Day 10: Yazd

Today is our only day in the city of mud-brick architecture. We will take the most out of it by visiting the Jame Mosque with its magnificent tiled entrance, and go on walking in the old part of the city, Fahadan, in which, you can buy henna from the Mazary Market. After lunch, we head to Dolatabad Garden, where in is the tallest wind catcher in the world. Our day finishes by going to the stunning three-story facade of the Amir Chakhmaq Complex. Overnight in Yazd.

Day 11: Yazd / Abarkuh

One of the most interesting sites of this trip is the historical Cypress tree which has lots of hidden stories. This tree is located in Abarkuh city which is about 155 Kilometers to Yazd. It is the last alive creature that have met Marco polo in 1270

Day 12: Abarkuh / Shiraz

After breakfast, we leave the village to one of the most beautiful cities in Iran; Shiraz which is located in 290 km from Abarkuh. On our way, we will visit Pasargadae, the remnants of the first Persian Garden and tomb of the most popular King of ancient Iran, Cyrus the Great. After lunch at a nearby restaurant, we continue to our second visit, the Persepolis, a glorious monumental ruin of ancient civilization of Persia with a total area of 125,000 square meters. Overnight in Shiraz.

Day 13: Shiraz

On the second day of our visit to Shiraz, we start by visiting Karimkhan Citadel at the heart of the city and continue to Vakil historical Complex included its bath, bazaar, and mosque. After lunch, we go to Narenjestan-e Qavam Garden and Nasir-ol-molk mosque. With its mystic atmosphere at night, the tomb of Hafez would become one of the everlasting scenes from Iran. Overnight in Shiraz.

Day 14: Shiraz / Isfahan

Today we leave Shiraz after breakfast to continue our way to the magnificent Isfahan that is 480 km far from Shiraz. We will have lunch on our way and probably arrive at the city in the evening. After a few hours of resting at the hotel, we will visit two historic bridges of the city; Si-o-se Pol Bridge and Khaju Bridge. Overnight in Isfahan

Day 15: Isfahan

We will spend an unforgettable day in Isfahan. Our first visit will be a visit of Naqsh-e Jahan Square which literally means “The Image of the World” with four highlighted sites located in different sides of the square included the Imam Mosque, the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, the Aliqapu Palace and the Traditional Bazaar. After lunch at one of the local restaurants, we will visit Hasht Behesht Palace and Chehel Sotun Palace. Overnight in Isfahan.

Day 16: Isfahan / Kashan

In the morning, after breakfast, first, we will continue our city tour of Isfahan by visiting Vank Cathedral and Menar Jonban. Then we leave the city for Kashan , which is about 215 km away. Our local hosts in the city will expect us for a traditional dinner. Overnight in Kashan.

Day 17: Noushabad / Abyaneh

Today, we will visit some interesting sites around the city. First, we go to the ancient mysterious underground city of Noushabad, you will be amazed by how all the corridors and rooms are connected to each other, under the ground. Later, we will go to Abyaneh Village in which people still wear traditional custom and talk in Sassanid dialect. You will have a chance to get familiar with history, architecture, and anthropology of the area. O/N Kashan .

Day 18: Kashan / Tehran

First, in the morning, we explore the city by visiting the Fin Garden and some of the historic houses which are opened to visitors such as Tabatabaei House and Borujerdi House. After having lunch in Kashan, we leave the city to the Capital.

Day 19: Tehran

To discover Iran’s capital, today we visit more highlights such as the Golestan Palace, National Museum and the National Jewelry Museum. We continue our trip to visit ancient gym (Zurkhaneh ) which is performed in the evenings

Day 20: Leaving Iran

According to the time of your flight, you will be transferred to the airport to go back home with some great memories from Iran.

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