7 Nights & 8 Days, Minimum 2 Participants, 3*, BB


The experience of new life styles is always the favorite of curious and adventurous tourists. Experiencing new food and try new tastes, staying in the local home, wearing local clothes and dance with the locals!
Due to the diversity of climates, Iran will bring you the opportunity to experience a different styles. In Tehran, the Darband with a variety of dining options, as well as a bazaar with colorful vegetables and delicious pickles, will be your first host to experience the Iranian lifestyle. In Shahandasht you will experience living in a traditional house (Ecolodge) and local food.
The Turkmen lifestyle is interpreted with their colorful headscarves and large hats. Also, visiting the graves of mystics and philosophers of Iran, such as Bayazid Basmati, will show us the experience of traveling along the Silk Road.
In Meybod-Yazd, we get to know the Iranian life style of the people who live in desert area. Seeing the brick Waals and windcathers will bring us an opportunity to know how to survive in the desert.

Day 1:
Meet, assist and transfer to hotel, O/N Tehran.

Day 2:
Driving to Qom, on the way visiting Imam Khomeini's Shrine, Ziarat of Jamkaran Mosque, O/N Qom.

Day 3:
Ziarat of Hazrat Masoumeh Holy Shrine and Shopping, O/N Qom

Day 4:
Drive back to Tehran, Visiting Shah Abdolazim, Take a flight to Mashhad, O/N Mashhad.

Day 5:
Ziarat Holy Shrine of Imam Reza, Shopping and Leisure, O/N Mashhad.

Day 6:
Visiting Neishabour, the tombs of "Khayyam and Attar" Qadamgah, Ziarat of Imam Reza Holy Shrine, O/N Mashhad.

Day 7:
Visiting Shandiz and Torghabeh, Ziarat of Imam Reaza Holy Shrine, Fly Back to Tehran, O/N Tehran.

Day 8:
Visiting Imamzadeh Saleh, a Shopping walk in Tajrish Bazaar, drive to airport, Depart from Iran.

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