Marta Clerici

I've enjoyed visiting Persepolis and Necropolis, they were enchanting.

Alessandro Maccari

I totally enjoyed eating Iranian cuisines they were delicious and unique.

Chiara Sampietri

I suggest my friends to come and visit Iran specially Shiraz and its historical monuments.

Valerie Orlando

Iran is a beautiful country with friendly people and amazing history


A very interesting country with a distinctive history and culture, openminded and friendly people.


An interesting, peaceful and friendly country.


An interesting, peaceful and friendly country.


A beautiful country that you should to visit, and enjoy its culture and ancient history.


Beautiful, colorful, interesting.

Lin yarits

Very friendly mindset and people with open mind, it really made me feel at home. Thank you very much for the wonderful experiences that I gained during his trip.


It was a great pleasure to be here. Iran is a great country with best food ever Aria Dokht has done a great job showing us around.

John Larlev

My first business trip to Iran: I hope to come soon again. Here are very friendly people and very helpful. The organization was very professional so that I want to use it in the future.

Neosin Larry

Open minded Friendly interested In us and our culture Helpful Germans/ Europeans have different opinion of Iran that the country and its people is best after they have been to Iran for the first time they will change their mind. Thank you for your supports

Nevret Gorkdin

I would like to thank you for the good organization. All people were very polite and helpful during business trip. We also received an introduction to the big history and culture of this country. Thanks

Pep Heiurich

Impressions in Iran: It was my first trip to Iran I found a country full of very friendly people. Helpful e.g. when walking in the streets. The fair we visited the same; friendly and open discussions about our products and services. I enjoyed accompany of the group and the professional services.