Useful Links

Useful Websites for Country Information

Iranian Encyclopedia: An Iranian Work to introduce history of Iranians in and around today’s geographical location of the country.
Wikipedia: To get general information about various topics related to Iran.

Useful Websites for Traveling to Iran

WikiTravel: To discover the information required before traveling to Iran.
Iran Travel Guide: To find out more about Iran and what to do there.
Iranian Tourism Bank : Tourism Bank chasing cooperation with foreign financial institutions
Weather: Get the Iran weather forecast
Time Zones: Iran is on GMT +3.5 time and is therefore 6.5 hours behind Australia.
Voltages and Plugs: Iran uses 220-240 volts. Plugs are of the two-round-pronged European type and also the three-narrow-pronged British variety.
Currency: to obtain the most up-to-date exchange rate you may wish to visit More to Come …
This list will continue and provide more useful information for those who are planning to travel to Iran. Please don’t hesitate to introduce your site to us ONLY IF it provides a wide variety of information about Iran and particular aspects of its arts, culture, etc. Your website should be in English.

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