Welcome to iran vip services

Feel the convenience of air travel. Regarding your unique travel needs, Aria Dokht will support you to have a flawless and effortless experience. We have to assist you whether you are a diplomat, businessman or high-profile executive with our concierge VIP airport and services.

Meet and Greet Assistance

Aria Dokht provides you with VIP and CIP services in all major international airports in Iran. All you need is to plan your visit to Iran and the rest will be done by our experts in order to do the expected VIP check-in, VIP transportation, luggage check and claim and your airport hotel booking.

Arrival and Departure Assistance

Book with us to have your red-carpet experience with your concierge at the airport in order to a quick security check, baggage check, first priority baggage claim and car rental to your preferred office, conference venue or your health of accommodation.