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The Iran electronic visa was introduced in late 2018 and is a paperless visa that allows tourists to visit Iran without any mark in their passport. The MFA introduced the Iran electronic visa to confront the unfair and hostile policies of the US against Iranian visitors.
In 2017, the US passed a new law that obliged all foreign visitors who wish to enter the US and who previously visited Iran to obtain a US visa (even if they hold a passport that doesn’t need a visa to enter the USA). Saudi Arabia has a very strict policy for its citizens who visit Iran as well.
With this electronic visa, now everyone can travel to Iran easily without being worried about its consequences

1) Visa from referred consulate (form) Visa is intended to be regulated by Iranian ministry of foreign affairs for travelers. The authorization code will be sent to referred consulate, then you can collect the visa from there. The visa will be approved for a minimum duration of 30 days with the option of extension in Iran. The visa validity will remain for a period of 3 months from the date of issue.
2) Visa Upon Arrival (form) Having a valid ordinary passport and Round Trip Ticket to Iran, can obtain a 30-day visa upon arrival at the Iran International Airport. (for some nationalities VOA visa is not possible). * See more details in Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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