FYazd Province, with an area of approximately 74493 square km is located in the center of Iran and according to the most recent division of the country, is divided into 10 counties: Abarkouh, Ardakan, Bafq, Taft, Behabad, Khatam, Mehriz, Meybod, Ashkezar and Yazd County.

Yazd, the capital of the Province, dating back to 8-12 thousand years and the time of Medes, is located 270 km southeast of Isfahan. It is the second greatest historical city in the world and is mostly known as 'the City of Wildcatters', and is well-known for its Zoroastrian fire temples, Traditional restaurants, historical houses and Sweets.

Yazd is a premier Daraie-weaving center in Iran, which is a kind of soft silk fabric with gorgeous-colored diamond shapes on it. Giveh is a type of traditional Iranian shoes that are very comfortable and suit. It is made of cotton threads which let the air in and cool the feet. The other handicraft of Yazd is seven-colored Tile .

The most monuments you can seek in the city are: Atashkadeh (a Zoroastrian fire temple), Amie Chakhmagh Complex (It contains bazaar, mosque, tekye, bath and a watering place), Jame' Mosque, Mirror Museum and Zendaneh Eskandar (Eskandar Prison. It is good to mention that the recent global registration of Yazd in UNESCO is our great honor.