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We as Aria Dokht Tour & Travel Operator Co., a professional team in the tourism industry, are happy to launch many tourist services in a safe and convenient environment. Aria Dokht also offers the highest quality features while respecting global standards. We exhibit in major international fairs such as the ITB Berlin, WTM London, FITUR Madrid and Top Resa Paris. The collection of qualified and experienced staff and comprehensive quality assurance of unique services such as MICE and Diplomatic Protocol, have given us a high level in the market for incoming tours.

Providing chambers of commerce such as Germany (Cologne) chamber of commerce with MICE services, tailoring itineraries for travelers such as Professor John Case and releasing Diplomatic services to the embassies and diplomatic groups such as the Parliament of Republic of Indonesia illustrate the Reputation of the corporation.

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In consequence of expertise of our operating team, we not only provide passionate adventure packages which take you to the heart of wild nature and Eco itineraries that give you the sense of Persia ecology, but also tailor classical and cultural tours to capture your attention on the ancient history of Iran.

More than 20 years of experience allows us to facilitate and accelerate your trips. Our 24-hours support for having a free tour and travel consultant with the benefit of the fast-visa process and creative tailor-made packages assure you to choose us as your DMC in Iran. Furthermore, our tour packages, unique services such as hotel reservation, VIP transportation, and professional guides release you from the hassle of traveling.

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I Iran is a country of wonders! … And we have plans to make your experience even more surprising!
Welcome to Iran, the capital of the largest Empire that has ever existed. Kings and emperors of this land have a universal fame for their love towards humanity, which they have transmitted to us as an incalculable legacy. Throughout history, Iran has been exposed to a wide variety of cultures and ethnic groups. Since the time when Persia was at the center of the ancient Silk Road to the present day, Iran has been characterized by its friendly and cordial people. We will help you discover this country of great historical and cultural richness, great natural beauty and a climate of four seasons. Starting your trip with a quick look at Iran and its culture requires a great help to plan a perfect vacation in our country. We are passionate about designing itineraries interesting for our visitors and also help them create a personalized trip that satisfies their desire to know faraway places. It is a great pleasure for us to provide you with an unforgettable image of the exotic wonders of this land that will accompany you when you return to your home. Don’t miss Iran if you are interested in museums, archeology, nature, sport activities, adventure, sacred places (Islamic, Christian and Jewish), history, architecture, or tourism in general. We wish to be your host during your visit to Iran and we do make your visit more pleasant. Our staff and I are willing to help you in the planning of a memorable and unimaginable trip to Iran. Best Regards
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